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About Bethany

An international non-profit with a heart for moms and children

Bethany is an international social service agency based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that cares deeply about expectant parents, families and children. We provide free, confidential support for women and men facing unplanned pregnancy, in addition to many other services at more than 100 locations across the United States and around the world.

Bethany is a lifeaffirming organization and our pregnancy counselors are here to walk with you in your decisionmaking process. We offer supportive and compassionate counsel and empower you to find your own answers. We always respect you and the decisions you make for you and your child.

At Bethany, you as an expectant parent have the right to:
  • Be treated with dignity and respect, not judgement or criticism
  • Explore all of your options
  • Be fully informed about your legal rights during the decision-making stage
  • Have your questions answered honestly and completed, at any stage.
  • Include your family and friends in any meetings.
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Why Choose Bethany?

Why Choose Bethany?

  1. We care about and advocate for you. The Bethany branch in your area has staff whose main focus is you . These individuals help you find the solution that that is uniquely right for you and your child. Meeting with a pregnancy counselor does NOT mean you are choosing adoption. We are guided in our work by a high standard of ethics and we never pressure you into adoption or another decision.
  2. We are available. We will come and meet with you at a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient for you. It doesn’t matter which stage of pregnancy you’re in — or even if you’ve given birth — we’re here to support you.
  3. We can help you financially. An unplanned pregnancy can add stress to your finances. We can help meet some of your needs and work with you to find resources you need for the longterm, freeing you to focus your mind and energy on making the best decision for you and your child.
  4. We’re connected in your community. If you’re considering parenting, we can connect you to the resources in your community that will help you be successful. If you’re considering adoption, we’ll connect you to families that are screened and prepared for adoption. We will make sure you have answers to any questions about the medical, legal and emotional process of adoption.

No Matter What, We're Here For You.

Do you just need to talk to someone? Process your emotions related to pregnancy? Talk about your path forward? Let's talk.

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