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Cameron and Laura

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Dear Expectant Parent,

We are honored that you are willing to spend time learning a little about us as a couple. We cannot even begin to imagine how incredibly difficult of a decision this is for you.  We are praying, asking God to introduce us to the right birth family. If you feel that may be you, we cannot wait to meet, because we know whomever God has for us will be the perfect match!

Cameron grew up with his parents and older brother, Caleb.  Cameron is my best friend. We met our very first day of college and have been best friends since. He is outgoing and becomes instant friends with anyone he meets.

Cameron is very driven. Throughout his teenage years, he was constantly learning more about the audio and video industry.  He was blessed to have a great mentor at church to help him in this area. Cameron would look for ways to use his talents to serve others and he eventually started a small business while in college. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in education to be a high school history teacher, but decided to devote his attention to his growing business as it blossomed into a team.

Cameron now owns two businesses, an event production company and a video production company.  When Cameron sets his mind to something, he will find a way to get it done. I am so proud of how quickly he has grown his businesses. His work ethic is amazing. He works hard for his businesses and hard for our family. Cameron loves to learn. He is always reading and researching better ways to do things. He has a take-charge attitude and is a leader in our home and church. 

He gives so much of himself and his time.  He loves being active and busy and a child will fit right into that lifestyle. Cameron will make a very loving and caring dad.  He will constantly be teaching and encouraging because he is always pushing the people around him to grow and become better.  I cannot wait to see him as a father.

When I met Laura, she quickly became the most faithful friend I had ever met. When that faithfulness in friendship became faithfulness in love, I knew I had to have her forever. It is Laura’s consistent, steady character that makes her love so pure and tangible to those who know her. The more time anyone spends with her, the more they get to experience her unique love that does not waiver.

Laura grew up with her parents and younger brothers, Bradley and Ben. Laura played softball for 15 years and finished her softball career as the catcher for her high school team.  Laura always knew she wanted to be a nurse and now she gets to live out her dream job as an emergency room nurse.  

While on a mission trip in high school, Laura served at an orphanage in Peru that changed the course of her life.  Upon returning, she sponsored a child through monthly giving and then a year later made the trip back to the mountains of Peru to follow-up with the children of the orphanage. It was here that she knew adoption was how she wanted to begin her family some day.  Adoption was never a Plan B, this has always been Plan A, a choice and a way for our family to display love at a greater level. 

I have been here to see her when no one is looking.  When she is able to love to a child, that child will grow up knowing what faithful love truly is. I was proud to call her my friend, I was elated to call her my wife, and now I am overjoyed to see her in this ultimate role as she helps raise this child with all she has.

We love to be outdoors, hiking and exploring with our Golden Retriever, Mac. We enjoy time with our friends and family, playing games and just spending time together.  Since getting married six years ago, we have gotten to travel together and build the foundation for a family in our marriage.  We are ready to show the love we have shown each other to a child that we can raise in our loving home.

The Lord holds both our futures and yours. We hope a child can bring us together and that we can raise this child in love.

Facts About Our Family

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