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Matt and Allison

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Dear Expectant Mother,

To begin, we would like to express some words of appreciation and encouragement. We believe the decision you are making requires tremendous strength, love and trust. We hope that in the midst of your present circumstances, you are beginning to feel optimistic. And we pray that you will find the waiting family that shares the same dreams you have for your child.  

We are Matt and Allison, lovers of time spent outdoors, home cooked dinners and spontaneous dancing in the kitchen. We both spend our weekdays working in education and our weekends listening to music, making pancakes for breakfast and spending time with our family and friends. Our friendship spans a decade, and we have now been married for almost three years. Marriage has given us the opportunity to experience many adventures together – traveling to National Parks, beginning new family traditions and growing deeper in our love and friendship. Our most recent adventure has led us to a new city. Matt is pursuing his doctorate degree in education; he stays busy teaching and taking classes. Allison finds joy teaching English as a Second Language at a local public elementary school. We feel this is the perfect time and place to begin our family, and we now wait with anticipation and excitement for the arrival of our first child.

Adoption has always been a part of our plan, and each of us clearly remembers the exact time and place we first discussed it during our dating life.  We see it as a way to share God’s love with the world, and it is central to our understanding of who God is.  God’s family is made of adopted sons and daughters from all nations. Because we believe in this truth, we hope to model God’s love and kingdom by building our own family through adoption.


Matt and Allison


Facts About Our Family

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