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David and Coral

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Dear Expectant Parent, When my (David) birthmother chose me and my twin brother for adoption, it was with great love. She didn't believe she could care for us, but wanted us to be well cared-for. She had three requirements for the adoption agency in choosing our parents (as she didn't have the option of choosing them herself): that they have 1) belief in a higher power, 2) belief in higher education, and 3) would expose us to the arts. If you choose adoption, we believe you may have specific hopes for your child and of the adoptive parents, as well! You have our deep respect for working through such a life-decision as you are making now. We are a Christian family and believe we are following God as we try to adopt. We have 3 children and with our extended family and friends, there will be a LOT of people waiting to welcome a child along with us. My (Coral) older sisters are also twins and also adopted, and so a family with biological and adopted siblings is familiar and normal to us. Our family's experience has been with closed adoption, but we are excited with the idea of an open adoption. We're open to a couple visits each year as well as pictures. We'd like to learn your hopes in this and talk together. Thanks for reading! We hope to give you a good idea of what life is like in our family. We'd love to talk with you more, if and when you like. Warmly, David and Coral

Facts About Our Family

Location:San Francisco Bay Area
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:2
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

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If you asked our family what we'd like to do on a free day, you might hear: "Let's build a robot!" "How about a hike?" "Let's eat cake!"

About David


More About David

David best friend! I didn't want to get married before I met David. He's the kind of guy who brings the best out of other people, whether it's our kids, his students, or me. It's really hard to get him angry. He loves singing and playing the guitar and ukulele and is really good at making the kids laugh.

About Coral


More About Coral

Coral is... my best friend, too. She's known for being wise and people approach her for advice or simply to share things important to them. She loves deeply and prefers a smaller number of really good friends to a whole bunch of acquaintances. She makes an impression on others without knowing it. Recently, when a delivery truck driver dropped something off at our house, when he saw her, he exclaimed, "Oh, it's you!" having seen her bike our kids around town.

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