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Michael and Alejandra

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Dear Expectant Parent,

My name is Alejandra, and as I sit down to share my heart with you, I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude for you. Your gift of love, life and family is precious and amazing.

When I met Michael, my husband, it was love at first sight. He was so kind and so sincere. We share the same values and beliefs based on a strong love for family and a desire to live honorably. We have been happily married for six years. We both love children and we were hoping to begin our family as soon as we could. It wasn’t until last year that we found out that we cannot get pregnant. It didn’t take us long to realize that God was calling us to adopt.

I myself was adopted by my father. He married my mother when I was only a baby and he eagerly adopted me. My parents had three more daughters together, but my father loved me so deeply that I never felt any different or any less special. We were family and family always meant unconditional love.

I hope to share the beautiful family that Michael and I have created with a child of our own. I have so many gifts and blessings that I want to share with our child. Michael and I are hard-working, responsible, and spiritual, but we are also energetic, spontaneous, and fun-loving. We have three adorable little dogs and a genuine love for animals.

I am ready to be a mother. Michael will be an amazing father. We can offer our child a happy home where he or she will be loved and protected, guided and educated, comforted and cherished.

Again I want to thank you for the amazing gift of family that you are considering and I pray that God will bless you always.

With love,


Dear Expectant Parent,

I am so thankful for this opportunity to introduce myself and share my hopes and dreams with you. My name is Michael and I am a family man. I myself am the sixth of seven children and my childhood was truly unique and special and it has made me the strong and compassionate person that I am. When I was just a baby myself, my parents welcomed a refugee family of five young children from Vietnam into our home. We had a big, happy home with twelve children from different parts of the world sharing a life as one. Because I was so young I have no memories of my childhood that do not include my blended family and a warm happy home filled with life, and energy, and a spirit of unity. I really learned that family is a bond of love that transcends biology.

When I met my beautiful wife Alejandra, I loved that she shared my love for children. She also shares my strong faith and desire to raise children of our own who love God and family first. My faith has sustained me through all of life’s tough times and I want to give that same commitment to God and Church as a gift to my child. It is my faith that helped me face the reality that Alejandra and I are not able to get pregnant. I am at peace with this reality and know that God has given me experiences that make me certain that if I am blessed with a baby through the beautiful gift of adoption, I will be able to love my child with all that I am.

While Alejandra and I wait for the blessing of a baby, we have built our life with a three bedroom home in a new condominium complex with our three small dogs. I have always loved animals and think that caring for a pet is an important part of childhood and family. Our dogs Mocha, Sophie, and Ginger are lavishly spoiled.

As I wait for God to choose a baby that I will love with all of my heart, I find myself praying for the expectant parents. Thank you for the gift that you bring into the world and the family that you complete.

God bless you always,

Facts About Our Family

Location:La Mirada
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:4
Pets:Mocha-Minpinpoo, Sophie-Maltese, Ginger-Poodle and Nikki-Yorkshire Terrier. All dogs are less than 5 pounds.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children
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