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Rafael and Shawnda

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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and learn about our family.

We have been praying for you, and other women considering making an adoption plan for their child. While we don’t know the circumstances that led you to consider adoption, we know this must be a difficult choice, and we admire your courage. We believe your baby is a precious gift, and that God has the power to build something beautiful out of a tough situation. Your child has his or her own story to live, and these precious moments that the two of you are sharing, and the choices you are making, are the foundation of the person that your child will become.

Here’s a little about us. We love each other, and we love being parents to our two-year-old son, Xavi. Our family loves to travel and get outside, and we look forward to continuing to explore the world, both near and far, with our children.  Xavi, at two, has already been to Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Japan, and Canada. We are grateful for the rich relationships we have with our friends and family, and are active in our church and several local groups for families. We love to play and be silly, but we also want to engage in meaningful work that helps create a more just, kind, world. It’s important to us to raise children who are compassionate, confident, and engaged with their community.

We’ve always felt like our family was meant to include at least two children, and after several years of struggling with infertility, we became confident that God’s plan for us was that one of these children join our family through adoption. Xavi apparently feels ready to be a big brother, since he’s been praying for another kid to join our family!  We’re waiting for a connection with our future child with both joy and sorrow- we can’t wait to know him or her, while at the same time we feel sadness in our hearts for what his or her birth family must be going through.

Our desire is to have an open adoption where we talk regularly with our child about his or her adoption story, and where you and other interested members of your family can stay part of our child’s life. We promise to talk about you and your family with compassion and respect, and look forward to getting to know you. We admire your courage in being willing to sacrifice for your child. We also hope you find joy as you nurture life and bring a person into being.  I can’t imagine a more important act than that.

If you choose to place your child in our family, it will be the greatest honor we could ever receive.


Shawnda, Rafael, and Xavi 

Facts About Our Family

Location:San Francisco Bay Area
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