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Scott and Lisa

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As you read this, we cannot imagine the thoughts that are going through your mind at this time.

First, we want you to know that it is our hope and prayer that you will be filled with both peace and wisdom as you make this important decision. We know that making this important decision isn't easy. We want you to know, though, that we greatly admire your strength and courage in considering adoption. Ultimately, we want the absolute best for you and for your child in whatever decision is made.


The two of us met while on a church retreat in Rocky Point, Mexico. Lisa had gotten injured while on the retreat, and Scott was the first one to help and assist. A deep, unbreakable friendship and love began there between the two of us. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and have been married now for 11 wonderful years.


Scott grew up in Show Low, Arizona. He was second of four children and enjoyed playing sports while growing up. He went to college and graduated with his Bachelors in Construction Management from Arizona State University. He works now as a Quality Control Manager and has so much gratitude for the work that he does. He also enjoys camping, hiking, barbequing,  playing sports, and spending time with loved ones.


Lisa grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She was the second of five children and enjoyed playing with dolls and reading while growing up. She went to college and graduated with her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. She is a stay at home mom and enjoys the priceless work she does. She enjoys reading, cooking, doing crafts, sports,  and spending time with loved ones.


 Noah is so full of life and energy! He enjoys being active by going to the park, riding his bike,  playing different sports, and playing with all of his friends and cousins. He enjoys singing, dancing, playing games, and making crafts. His favorite toys are Legos and remote control cars. He has a strong desire to learn and likes to read books. Noah is incredibly helpful by nature and is always trying to find ways to help out. He is highly affectionate and friendly with others. He loves to make others laugh.We know he would make an excellent big brother someday.


Our heart has always been to have children and to be parents, but we are  not able to have children biologically. The only path through which we are able to grow our family is adoption. It is a path and a journey which we have taken with much excitement and also much vulnerability.

Over 8 years ago, we were incredibly blessed with the opportunity to adopt our son, Noah. It has definitely been on our heart to have another child and Noah's heart to have a sister or a brother as well. Noah has been praying and longing for this for a while now. He would absolutely love to be able to have a sibling and we would love to be able to have another child that we can shower with love!

When it comes to parenting, we truly believe that being a parent is a priceless gift and an honor. It is a role that we take seriously and with all humility. As parents, it is our highest commitment to provide an environment that is both safe and full of love. We are committed to investing in the life of any child we are entrusted with as parents and to nurture their talents. We know the importance of raising a child and wholeheartedly embrace the chance to raise another child. We prayerfully await the day when we will be able to welcome another child into our family.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to share with you about ourselves and about our lives.

With love and respect,

Scott, Lisa, and Noah

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