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Rick and Felicity

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Dear Expectant Parent:

While we have not met, we know that the decision you are making takes incredible bravery, strength, and selfless love.  Our respect for you is beyond words.  We are grateful that you are considering the path of adoption, knowing that this will probably be one of the most difficult decisions you will make.  We pray continually for you as you select a family for this precious life and also for your health and strength throughout the pregnancy.

We would love to introduce ourselves to you so you can get to know us a little bit.  We have been married since 2009 and have felt led to be parents; we have dreamed about what it would be like to go through pregnancy and to experience 9 months of the amazing process of a forming life.  What we weren't planning on, though, was how long and difficult the journey would be.  Our struggle with infertility has shaken our hope in becoming parents as we have grieved the loss of two of our own babies early in pregnancy.  Our faith has remained a constant for us - believing that God would show us His plan for our family and trusting that in His timing, all the details would come together.  We believe that adoption is the door God is opening for us and we are so excited to welcome a little one into our family through this process.  We are also excited to get to know you through this journey and to have an open plan that is best for the baby as he or she grows up.

Together, we enjoy exploring new places, trying new things, enjoying food that we've never tried before, and building lasting memories together.  Part of these memories, we hope, will be with our children.  We love farm animals, camping trips in the mountains of Colorado, and adventures around the state.  We also love cooking together and playing with our family pets, Clara (dachshund terrier mix), Stinky Britches (tabby cat), and Isabella (also a tabby cat).

Felicity was born and raised in Oklahoma until the age of 8, when she moved to Colorado.  She worked very hard to get herself through school with part-time jobs, participating in theatre, creative writing and marching band.  In her current job, she has the privilege of coming alongside high school students who are just beginning to dream about "life after high school" and picking colleges that will support their dreams.  Rick was born in California, but also moved to Colorado when he was young.  He is an Operations Manager and finds great joy when helping others with building a cabin or solving challenging electrical problems.  He has a very gifted eye when seeing physical objects and immediately knows how to construct them on his own. 

Our immediate family (on both sides) live nearby, which makes for large family gatherings and lots of fun and laughter together.  Felicity's best friend, Erika, and her family also are significant extended family to us.  We know that we can provide a wonderful extended family to show unconditional love and acceptance. 

We are so honored that you are taking the time to thoughtfully and carefully select the adoptive family for this little life.  We hope that you will consider us as we are truly committed to the well-being of this child and to offering our unconditional love, nurturing spirits, and lots of laughter throughout his or her life.

Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you!  We hope you enjoy the fun photos ahead that we have taken of some of our favorite memories together.  Through the photos, we hope you will see how much we care for each other and how much we look forward to caring for and including a little one too!  May God bless you as you continue through your pregnancy and our prayers go out to the little one growing within you - that he or she may grow up to be a wonderful reflection of this incredibly difficult choice you are embarking upon.  God bless you!

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