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Sam and Cindy

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Dear Expectant Parent,

You’ve made a courageous choice by considering adoption, thinking about your life journey and that of your child’s.  We want to give you a glimpse into our life journey: who we are as individuals, how we’ve grown as a couple, and why we hope to have a child as part of our family.  We’ve prayed to God for a child but infertility issues led us to choose a new path.  Through His guidance, we pray that God has led us to you. 

We hope you’ll recognize our compassion for people, for our family, and how we wish to give back the same for a child.  We hope you’ll see love - love for each other and the love we wish to give a child.  

We wish you could see us around children.  Whether with our nieces or with our friends’ kids, we consistently receive similar compliments: how Sam is fun-loving and great around kids, and Cindy is a natural caregiver, who everyone recognizes will be a fantastic mother. 

Sam grew up in upstate New York and Cindy in Colorado.  Together we’ve lived in California, Wyoming, Colorado and Georgia, and visited many states in between, including Alaska and Hawaii.  Overseas, we’ve visited France, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Belize, and the Bahamas. We like to travel and be adventurous, including scuba diving and hiking.  We also enjoy staying at home many weekends and keeping a routine of church, exercise, and spending time with family, friends and each other.

Sam serves in the Air Force as an officer, while Cindy is a corporate accountant.  We’re hard workers and we both have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration.  We hope to offer our sense of adventure and the foundation for a good work ethic to a child in our care.

As we seek to adopt a child, we hope to continue our experiences, but are ready to adjust our life.  Sam will continue to work full-time to support the family, while Cindy plans to move to a part-time, stay-at-home job. 

We hope by God’s grace that we will be given the opportunity of a lifetime to be parents. We feel ready and equipped to provide a loving home for a precious child. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

God Bless,
Sam & Cindy


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