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Aaron and Cindy

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Hi! We are Aaron, Cindy, and Alexis. We know this is a difficult time for you, and we pray that God’s comfort surrounds you as you gain peace in the decision you make. Whether or not you decide adoption is best, we greatly respect you for the process you are going through to make such a heavy-weighted decision. We hope our profile will show you a glimpse of what it would look like with us as the adoptive family.  

We plan to share our child’s birth/adoption story from the beginning. It will include the story of your courage and sacrifice of love. Should you choose us, we hope to maintain a relationship with you- the birth family, that is comfortable for everyone.

Aaron and Cindy met in 2004 at a friend’s wedding. We quickly grew in love, and eleven months later, we were married. Alexis was born in 2010 and has been making our hearts smile ever since! As a family, we love outdoor adventures and snuggling! Often times, we take mini vacations to go hiking, sightseeing, snow tubing or camping. Every few years, we take a longer vacation. A few of our adventures include Bushkill Falls, Harper’s Ferry, Washington D.C., a Carnival cruise, and Disney World.

We wanted to expand our family for several years now, but have been unable to do so through birth. God worked in our hearts to bring us to the place where we are today. We are excited to bring a child into the family through adoption- to show that child unconditional love, to share laughs and adventures, to help him/her discover their talents and strengths, and to encourage them to trust and follow God.

About Cindy (By Aaron)

How do I describe Cindy? She is adventurous, strong, loving, fun, intelligent, patient, but she is best described in one word, she is Grace.   She has solid integrity and a true moral compass. Whether she is homeschooling our 5 year old or spending time with us in the woods, you’ll find that no matter who you are, life is just better with her around.

About Aaron (By Cindy)

Aaron is a wonderful husband and father. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, which most people see, but he also has a heart of compassion. He is also intelligent, fun and up for adventure. He works hard, both at home and work. He has a passion for hunting and usually meets up with his friends throughout the hunting season. However, his family is his priority, and he makes sure to have both quality and quantity time as a family.

About Alexis

Alexis is all bullfrogs and butterflies. She can get dirty, catch frogs, ride a four wheeler, go hunting- all while wearing a dress. She also loves to dance and wants to own a horse. Many times, you will find her pretending to be a cat or dog. Her future plans include owning a castle and have many dogs, cats, and horses. She is sweet and generous but also enjoys competition.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our profile and consider us as a family for your child. We are a loving, fun, adventurous family and so look forward to sharing our love, lives, and adventures with another child! As you look through these profiles, we want to make one thing clear; we are not a “perfect” family. We have our quirks, and had our bumps along the journey, but we work!!! Aaron and Cindy are almost polar opposites, but that is what makes us a great team. In the areas where one is weak, the other is strong and together we’re well rounded. We are each strong individuals who together are an impervious team.  

If you are interested in learning more about us, we hope you take the next step to contact Bethany Christian Services. We look forward to meeting you. We know you have some very tough decisions ahead, and we trust that you will make the right decision for you and your family.

Facts About Our Family

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