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Matthew and Cassandra

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Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  We cannot pretend to understand the courage it takes for you to make an adoption plan, but we admire you for it and thank you for choosing life for your child.  Adoption is something God put on our hearts from the moment we got married.  For this reason, we've been praying for you well before we began this journey.  We pray that you know how much we care about you, and how much we would love your baby. 

A Bit About Us:

Matthew grew up in Pennsylvania, and Cassandra grew up in Florida.  We met nine years ago in Virginia where we both graduated from college and after almost three years of dating, we got married.  We live close to the beach and Disney World and enjoy spending time there as often as possible.  We are very blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and an amazing church family.  Many of our friends have children already and are eager to see our family grow as well.  We know that your baby would be welcomed and abundantly loved by our community of friends and family! 

We were both raised to value time spent with family, and we can't wait to expand our family by becoming parents.  Our life together is very blessed, and we are eager for the opportunity to share it with a child.

A Bit About Matthew (by Cassandra):

Matthew is my very best friend.  He is funny and thoughtful.  I love how he always puts the needs of others above himself.  He loves to make people laugh (there is never a dull moment when he is around).  He is hardworking and handy.  He loves being active and is constantly outdoors (he already snowboards, skateboards, and skis, now he’s adding surfing to the list).  He is a fun but patient teacher with his friends, family and our two feisty dogs, and I know he'll be the same way as a father.  I get to watch his love for the Lord grow each day, and can't wait to see him become the amazing father that I know he'll be.

A Bit About Cassandra (by Matthew):

Cassandra is my favorite person and my best friend.  I am so lucky to be married to this wonderful, thoughtful, caring, and loving woman.  She loves to sing and has an amazing voice.  She is funny with a great sense of humor.  I get to laugh with her all the time.  She is such a creative person whether she's designing a shelf, decorating our house, or writing a story.  She loves to host guests in our home and has made it into such a warm and welcoming place.  I enjoy seeing the work she does at home and in the workplace, since it always shows how smart, hardworking, and organized she is.  I am amazed at her every day and honored to call her my wife.  I know that she will be a fantastic mother to our future child as her love and devotion to the Lord will shine into the child's life.  I am excited to share in this new part of our lives together and can't wait to see her become a mother.

Our Promise to You:

 - We will always teach your child that they are valuable, cherished, and loved.

 - We will do our best to teach your child about Jesus and to always be kind to others.

 - We will laugh together a lot.

 - We will encourage your child’s hobbies, interests, and creativity through books, sports, music, and art.

 - Your child’s memories will be filled with pillow forts, camping, zoo trips, and family holiday traditions.

But more than anything, we want you to know that we promise to love your child unconditionally.  We will do our very best to shower your child with all of the love, joy, and adventure that we can.  You will always be a part of this child's story, and we will always make sure your child knows of the amazing, loving sacrifice you made.  We can’t wait to meet you and your precious child!

With Love and Admiration,

Matthew and Cassandra

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