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Sean and Amber

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We’ve been blessed in so many ways. We have so much love to give, and deeply desire to share that love with a child. We want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will nurture him or her to grow up to be the best person that he or she can be. Our hearts are already beaming with love for a child that we haven’t even met, but have prayed for. We hope this profile gives you a snapshot of who we are and more importantly, the life your child will have as part of our family. With so much love, Amber & Sean

Facts About Our Family

Location:Central Florida
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:2
Pets:Nipper, Domestic Cat / Penney, Jack Russell Mix rescue
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

We’ve been married for over 3 years, but have known each other for over a decade. Our bond is a strong one. One that has survived tragedy, and continues to strengthen and grow with each passing day. Laughter and love fill our home, but we’re not perfect. Sometimes there’s dog hair on the furniture, crumbs on the floor, or ice cream for dinner (whoops!), but our perfectly imperfect family is filled with love. This is us… with open arms, open hearts, and a lot of love to give. OUR SON Ethan is Sean's biological son and Amber's stepson. When he isn’t at school or playing video games, you can find him on the pickle ball court with his Pappy, hanging out with friends, or in the kitchen with Amber. He's also is a big fan of snow skiing with his dad! One more thing you should know about E… He. Is. Smart. He’s brilliant. We often tease him about being Sheldon off of the Big Bang Theory. One thing's for sure… he’s going to be one heck of a big brother. OUR PROMISE TO YOU We promise to… Raise our family in a loving Christian home Shower your child with unconditional love Teach your child to say please, thank you, yes ma’am, yes sir, & y’all Pray for you Give hugs & kisses Be patient & kind Read bedtime stories Always try our best Cherish each precious moment Be a safe place, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, & a loving heart Have the best Elf on the Shelf ever!

About Sean


More About Sean

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SEAN 1. He’s so nice! People ask me all the time, “Is he really that nice?” Yes. He really is THAT nice. 2. I love watching him play with kids. He’s always the first one to get down on the ground & play Legos, have a cannonball contest in the pool, or start a nerf gun war in the house. 3. He’s the epitome of a gentle giant. A big, strong, handsome stature, so gentle and kind. 4. He’s one of the most genuinely kind, patient, & loving people I’ve ever known. 5. He gives the best hugs! His hugs are like being wrapped in a warm blanket of security & comfort. 6. He’s a devoted, loyal, Godly man. 7. He’s encouraging & lifts up others. 8. He’s always there to lend a helping hand. 9. His smile is infectious. It’s one of those smiles where you expect to see a sparkly gleam. 10. He makes me feel safe.

About Amber


More About Amber

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT AMBER 1. She’s nurturing. There’s no doubt in my mind that God made Amber to be a mother. 2. She’s a great cook! I love our family dinners 3. She’s an incredible stepmom to my son. She goes on fieldtrips, teacher meetings, doctor appointments, and always tries her best to make sure we’re doing the best for our son. 4. She always puts family first. 5. Her laugh. Amber has a laugh that fills the room with so much joy you can’t help to laugh along with her. 6. She LOVES Christmas. At Christmas, Amber & her family go all out. Decorations, lights, Christmas music, hot cocoa, and gingerbread houses, she loves all things Christmas. 7. Her love of yoga. She’s so strong! 8. She makes everything special. Whether it’s a tea party for her nieces, wrapping a gift, or taking a meal to a sick friend, she goes all out. She takes pride in every little detail, and does it all with love. 9. Her hugs. We start and end each day with a hug, and each one is so full of love. 10. She’s my best friend. It’s hard for me to stay at work because I can’t wait to come home.

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