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Christopher and Christie

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Hello! We are Chris & Christie. We have two beautiful boys, Joshua (nearly 4 years old) and Timothy (nearly 2 years old). Joshua came into our family through adoption at his birth, and Timothy is a biological baby. We are prayerfully seeking to adopt again. We feel that though adoption can come with challenges for many involved, it is deeply beautiful and so worth it all. We love our boys and cannot wait to parent another child as well. Joshua and Timothy are thoroughly excited to welcome a brother or sister into our home! We are so very thankful for your courage and the love you are showing in creating an adoption plan for your baby. We know that you must be facing many challenging decisions and experiencing a variety of emotions as you go through this process, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Chris, Christie, Joshua & Timothy

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:Our dog is a lovable Shih Tzu-Poodle mix. He is gentle and patient with the kids, and loves to play with them, and follow them around when they're having a snack, hoping to catch a goldfish or two.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological and Adopted Children

More About Our Family

About Chris & Christie: Chris and I met and married at our church, where we still attend. We have been married for nearly 8 years. We love and appreciate each other more deeply as we grow as parents and continue down this path the Lord has graciously chosen for our family. About wanting to adopt a second time: Adoption has been on our hearts since before we were married. We always hoped adoption would be part of our journey and we are deeply thankful the Lord has chosen to grow our family through both adoption and biological pregnancy. We miscarried twice before adopting Joshua, and not too long after Christie became pregnant again and was able to carry Timothy to term. We have again begun to strongly feel the Lord's pull on our hearts toward adoption. We are so excited by the possibility of another precious little one coming into our family! We are already praying over baby and birthparents. About our family life: Joshua is fun loving, and adventurous. He loves his little brother, who he affectionately refers to as Tim-Tim, and is always watching out for him. Joshua loves to play with toy cars, trains, and he deeply loves to read. He also loves to dig in the dirt while his daddy does yard work. Timmy loves Joshua dearly. No one can make him laugh as hard as Joshua can. Timmy has a very sweet affectionate spirit, along with a playful goofy side! He loves to play with our dog Murphy. He likes to splash in the kitchen sink and play cars with his brother. Together as a family we love reading, playing outside, going for walks, going to the playground and swimming at the pool.

About Christopher


More About Christopher

Chris is the most amazing person I have ever known. He has a gentle and kind spirit and his love for God is constantly demonstrated. He faithfully considers me before himself and makes sure all my needs are met. He is kind and considerate. He is a great leader for our family and he is a wonderful father. I love to see his heart melt when he is around the kids. He comes home from work to their happy hugs and then they romp around the house together. Chris was born and raised in Georgia. He grew up in a family that consisted of his parents, his older sister and their family dog, Sparky. Chris was a dedicated student and a talented soccer player. He was the captain of both his club and high school soccer teams. In college he studied finance and began working as a financial analyst for a bank after graduation. He now works in finance for a large corporation where he enjoys the challenging work that he gets to do. Chris has been actively involved in our church for years where he serves as a deacon. He has a huge heart for ministry and sharing the love of Jesus with others. He attends a Bible study at a homeless shelter once a week and very much enjoys his time there. You might find Chris: - playing with the boys or our dog Murphy - reading or studying theology - listening to a podcast - working out - doing yardwork - watching a European soccer match

About Christie

Education:Some College

More About Christie

In many ways Christie is the exact opposite of me. Christie comes from a big family while I come from a relatively small one; Christie was the oldest child while I was the youngest; Christie lived in many places growing up while I lived in the same house until I left for college; Christie was home-schooled while I went to public school; Christie was a missionary while I worked in banking; Christie is very artistic while I am more logical and to the point. I am so very thankful for Christie and the fact that she is so different from me because she brings such balance to my life. Being married to her has brought such a sense of completeness and joy because she provides me with such a different perspective as we go through life together. Christie is a great mother to our children. As a stay-at-home mom she works incredibly hard to care for them. She has such a compassionate and loving way about her and our boys definitely know they are very loved by their mom. Christie grew up in a military family and is the oldest of seven children (her youngest sister was adopted). She was home-schooled and lived with her family in Iceland, Maryland, Japan, California, West Virginia, and Virginia. After finishing high school and reaching a crossroads in pursuing a career in ballet, she followed the Lord's calling to be a missionary in Acapulco, Mexico where she worked with orphans and street children for three years. After returning to the U.S. she took a position as an executive assistant in the southeast with the mission agency that sent her to Mexico. She and Chris met and married during this time. Eventually Christie left her job as we hoped to start a family. She has embraced being a mom with all it's bumps, bruises, runny noses and sweet moments. She loves her boys dearly and strives to pray with them and read Bible stories to them every day. In any spare time she finds she enjoys contemporary dance, making things for her Etsy shop, and watching the Mary Tyler Moore or Dick Van Dyke shows. You might find Christie: - Trying out something new for dinner - Making teething necklaces for her Etsy shop - Reading stories to the kids. She has a shameless love of children's books - Speaking Spanish - Taking the kids and dog for a long walk - Talking to a friend

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