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Denver and Erica

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Hi we are Denver, Erica, and Landon. 

We haven't met each other yet, but we have been praying for you daily.  We have been praying that God would embrace you with his unconditional love.  As you struggle with the many difficult decisions you are facing, we have been praying that His perfect peace would cover your heart and mind and that He would give you wisdom as you seek His will for your precious baby.

God has shown us so much of who He is through the adoption of our son Landon.  We struggled with infertility for many years and prayed very hard for God's will for creating our family.  We felt God calling us to adoption, and it truly was His perfect plan.  Through adoption we were able to see God's faithfulness, power, and unending love.  We are deeply in love with our son and are so blessed by his birth family and how God wrote our story.  We know God is calling us to grow our family through adoption once more. We both loved growing up in big families, and can't wait for Landon to be able to do the same. 

We can provide your child with a loving home environment, with lots of hugs, fun times, and a good spiritual and moral foundation to help him/her to grow up to be a happy self-confident adult. We want you to be assured that your child would have the security and unconditional love of two committed parents, and a big brother. Thank you so much for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and considering us to raise your child. We will continue to pray for you and hope for strength & wisdom throughout your journey, and that you feel peace every step of the way.

What I love about Denver

- Denver has a very quiet personality, but he also has a goofy side.

- He is intelligent, hard working, caring, and responsible. 

- He balances me out because I am the emotional dreamer, while he is the calm level headed one who keeps me grounded. 

- I am also jealous of him because he is naturally good at anything he tries to do and beats me at every game we play!

- He is also an incredible father to Landon. Watching him as a father melts my heart and makes me love him even more! He wrestles and constantly chases him around the house.  He is very calm and patient with Landon, always explaining and teaching him new things.

What I Love About Erica

- She's very compassionate and helpful to others.

- She's always asking what she can do to help and is often the person called when her friends need a caring ear to listen to a problem.

- Erica is the best mother to our son Landon and is always the go to snuggler when he needs it.

- She is very consistent on keeping Landon and I on a healthy diet and snacks to get us through the day.

Our promises to your child

- We will love them unconditionally and cherish them as God's precious gift to us.

- We will daily pray for their spiritual, mental, and physical growth.

- We will instill in them a love for others because of God's love for us.

- We will nurture their gifts and talents and encourage them to use their abilities to honor God.

- We will do everything we can to provide the best education for them

Facts About Our Family

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