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Dan and Katie

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Dear Expectant Mom, Your journey has been unique and, we are sure, very difficult. We hope to give you a complete peace about your decision to place your child for adoption. We have adoption in our lives and personally know how wonderful it is. We have complications with pregnancy but have been wanting to adopt since even before we were married. We have family members who were adopted, and we have several friends and neighbors who have adopted. We want you to know that we will provide a loving, nurturing, and joyful home if you decide to choose us. If you do, please be assured that we will always think of you fondly and continue to pray for you. We are open to staying in touch with updates and pictures and can talk about more, if you are willing. We will provide the baby with a full life, and will give him or her every opportunity to pursue their dreams. We have our friends’, family’s, and community’s support to help us as our family grows. Dan and Katie

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:2
Pets:Pierre the Papillon (dog) and Dash the Dachshund (dog)
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Our Love Story We met while we were in college. We decided to start spending time together, and we never stopped! Before we began dating, we started attending the same church. We both knew our Christian faith was a priority; we saw a great love of God in the other person. We started dating, and after four years, Dan proposed. We took a trip with some friends and Katie’s dad to her family’s cottage. We went down to the pier to watch the sunset, and Dan asked Katie to spend the rest of her life with him. Five months later, we got married! We now own a home that we love, in a neighborhood that we love, and we live there with our two adorable dogs. Our Family We have a strong and loving family. Most of our family lives within a one-hour radius, so we often see each other. We have gatherings for holidays, birthdays, and just because. We cook together, play games together, and just enjoy one another’s company. We are thankful to have our family’s full support in every aspect of life. Our Siblings Dan’s sister Kaity lives about an hour away. She studied and lived in Japan for many years, and we have learned a lot from her and her different experiences. Katie’s younger sister Kristen lives about 45 minutes away. We often see her and her husband on weekends or at family gatherings. Katie’s older sister’s family is finishing the next couple of years in the Air Force. They live pretty far away, but we see them in person a few times a year during our extended trips, and we Facetime. Despite our geographical distance, we are all very close, and we look forward to the next few years when we can all live near each other. Katie and her sisters play their violins together at family gatherings. And now, the oldest two nephews play violin as well. Our Parents Both Katie’s and Dan’s parents live close, so we are fortunate to be able to spend time with them often. Dan’s parents have been married for 33 years. His mom is a teacher, and his dad is a man of many talents, including house renovating and car restoration. Both of them are active and excited to be grandparents! Katie’s parents have been happily married for 39 years. Katie’s mom is a teacher, and her dad owns his own business. They are thrilled for our family to grow and are looking forward to spoiling our future child(ren). Our Home We love our home. We have a music studio, a great kitchen where we both enjoy cooking, a comfortable living room with a fireplace, a game room with ping-pong and pool, and a big back yard, where our dogs can run and we play lots of games in the summer. Our house is a wonderful place to gather family and friends. We love our neighborhood! There are lots of kiddos always playing in the neighborhood, and we have the kindest neighbors! Several of the families go to the same church we do. Our block is a lot of fun; we are often doing things together. We enjoy game nights, bonfires, taco nights, a yearly block party, yard sales, and other activities. You can often find us after work in the summer outside with the neighbors. Future Katie would love to stay at home and care for our child full time while Dan works. We want to equip our child with an outstanding, well-rounded education and opportunities to pursue sports, the arts, or whatever they grow passionate about. We plan to take big family vacations so that we can all explore and create memories together. The future is very bright, and we are excited to see what God has in store for our next chapter.

About Dan

Education:Some College

More About Dan

Dan is an amazing husband. He’s an incredibly patient and sweet person. He’s a huge support to me. Dan was a high school and college hockey player and loves to ice skate. He works as an automotive service manager at a car dealership. He loves music. He plays in the worship band at church. He writes and records music and teaches guitar to children; he’s so good with them. They always leave smiling ear to ear after their lessons. He loves our pups; they often wait for him to come home from work and show great excitement when he arrives. He is so kind and generous and always encourages me to grow. I love him immensely and know he will be a wonderful father.

About Katie


More About Katie

Katie is a wonderful wife and my partner in life. She never ceases to amaze those around her; whether it is the many different genres of music that she can play (on multiple instruments!) or coming up with new recipes or approaches to cooking, it is apparent to everyone that she is a very special person. Her love of music is evident when she performs or teaches. She is very encouraging to her music students and helps them achieve their goals. Her faith is very strong and inspiring to others. She loves to dedicate her time to helping those in need around her and really has the heart of a servant. It is a joy to see her with children and how they love to be around her. I love her more than words can say, and I know that she is going to be an incredible mother.

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