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David and Kristin

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Hi. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are Dave and Kristin and have two boys Alex and Emmanuel. We look forward to being able to meet you in person. We know you are making a huge decision and continue to pray the Lord guides you and gives peace. You are choosing life for this little one and we have such respect for your courage. We hope to build a relationship with you over the years to come so that our child will know how loved he or she is. In the mean time, our hope is that this book will give you some insight into our family. Dave and Kristin were married on September 7, 2008. We spent our time working, serving in the high school ministry, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends and family. Dave and I had always believed God had called us to adoption. After struggling a couple of years with infertility, we realized God was beginning our adoption story earlier than we had thought. Dave worked in Liberia for a year with a relief organization and we decided to begin where God had drawn our hearts to it, Africa. Our boys are from Ghana, a country not too far from where Dave lived for a year before we were married. On Thanksgiving Day in 2014, our family doubled in size. Our home is full of noise now and we love every second of it.

Facts About Our Family

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Pets:We do not currently have any pets. However, both of our boys would love to have a dog some day soon.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Adopted Children

More About Our Family

A year after our boys came home, Alex was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. It was a shock but by the grace of God Alex is now cancer free. Alex had several rounds of intense chemo, and went through a bone marrow transplant. His brother, Emmanuel was the donor that helped save Alex's life. We were so grateful for our friends, family, doctors and community and the support they all provided. We are beyond grateful for the miracle God gave us. Meet Alex: Alex has a joy that is radiant. His smile warms up your heart whenever it is shown. He is kind, considerate and smart. He loves fishing, soccer, baseball and being a help to those in need. He has a fun, loving and infectious spirit. Meet Emmanuel: Emmanuel, just like his brother, has a smile that is radiant. He LOVES sports, running, playing outside, and video games. He loves deeply and has such a tender heart. Emmanuel can't wait to be a big brother to someone or multiples. We are an active family. We love to spend time together camping, fishing, riding bikes, playing in the snow and playing sports. Most nights you can find us playing a game of Uno, Mario Kart or Trouble. We also enjoy drawing and writing our own stories.

About David


More About David

Dave works as an accountant in the city but is a man who puts his family first. He works for a great company who supported us while living in Ghana for a month and while we spent many days in the hospital with Alex. Dave is humble, kind, generous and loves on his family. He enjoys playing whatever the boys are interested in at the moment, and encourages them to put forth their best effort and to have fun. He will learn to do almost anything just to spend time with the boys. Most importantly, Dave loves Jesus and lives his life in such a way that reflects the love Christ has shown us. He believes it is important to teach our children what it means to be a follower of Christ and continually strives to be an example of God's patience and love to them.

About Kristin


More About Kristin

Kristin is beautiful both inside and out. She is full of joy, love and compassion. This shines through in everything that she does. A high school teacher by trade, she has spent most of her time in recent years being an amazing mom, and through out our eleven years together she has always been a loving wife and my best friend. In the midst of keeping track of the school, sports and church activity schedules as well as managing our household, she makes sure there is time to just enjoy family time together. Her faith in Jesus Christ has carried her through challenges in life, and she seeks after the LORD for his wisdom and strength for each day.

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