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Joe and Emily

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Hello! Thank you for taking time to get to know our family in this brief profile. We (Joe and Emily) have such a great degree of respect and admiration for the choice you are making out of love for your child, and we pray God extends His peace to you every step of your journey. We have chosen adoption to grow our family, because we believe God gave us both this desire even before we were together, and has grown that desire in us in the 6+ years we have been married. We have loved the years we have spent building a strong, healthy, loving relationship together, and look forward to expanding that relationship to include our child.

Facts About Our Family

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More About Our Family

We are an active, fun-loving couple who is always up for a new adventure. We both moved to Chicago for college, where we met through mutual friends. Emily is an elementary teacher on the west side of Chicago, where she teaches social studies, reading, and writing, as well as coaches girls’ running and tutors in an afterschool program. Joe is a food purchaser at a college in downtown Chicago, where he also mentors several college students on a weekly basis. We love camping, hiking, and exploring new parts of the city – and any excuse to be outdoors. Our church is our anchor and primary outlet for service and community.

About Joe


More About Joe

Joe grew up near Grand Rapids, Michigan, and moved to Chicago in 2007 to pursue a degree in Youth Ministry. We became good friends while both in college, and I was immediately drawn to his kind and compassionate heart, his love for children and youth, and his witty sense of humor. In our years of dating and then marriage, Joe pursued his Master's of Divinity to strengthen his foundation in ministry and church leadership, and graduated in 2017. When we began to seriously pursue adoption, we made that our primary focus for the past couple years, but he is looking toward a job as a pastor in the near future. Joe loves all things baseball, statistics, movies, and history. An ideal day for him would likely include a trip to a baseball stadium he has never been to, followed by a walk to a fun coffee shop where he would read a biography about a significant figure in American history, and then to the movies. If you asked those closest to him what words best described him, the most likely words you would hear would be empathetic, compassionate, easygoing, and contagiously funny. I do not have any doubt that these traits will make Joe such a strong and gentle father to our child.

About Emily


More About Emily

I’m incredibly blessed to not just be married to Emily but to call her my closest friend. She has such a kind and empathetic heart that she’s exactly the person I want to talk to during my most difficult times. As I see her with children, whether the children of our friends or with students, I see someone who uses that compassion and empathy to build other people up. She is someone that children are naturally drawn to want to spend time with, not only because of her kind heart but also because she is incredibly fun to be around! Emily is an expert at building trust and letting you know that she is on your side. As we approach the path of adopting a child, I know for a fact that Emily will be on the side of our child and that she will be someone that the child can trust to be looking out for their best interest. Her faith in Christ is more than just a part of who she is, it is the driving force behind the love that she has for others. It is that love that gives me great confidence that she will be as terrific of a mom to our child as she is a wife and a friend to me.

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