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Andrew and Brittany

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Dear expectant parent(s),

Hello! It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you through this letter. We are honored that you’ve taken the time to explore our profile and are excited to share some information about our life. Our names are Andy and Brittany and at our core we are two people deeply in love with each other who love maximizing all that life has to offer. By the end of our first conversation at a professional event many years ago, we were laughing so hard that we were both near tears. That led to many more conversations, dates and adventures, and the fun and joy that was so undeniable the first time we met has never ceased. 

Faith and family are the foundation of our life. Faith in Christ is our north star when making decisions, and we love the church communities that we have had the privilege of being part of. Dancing and singing with our nieces at church is always one of our favorite parts of visits with them. Family has been the most important influence in both of our lives. We have extremely close relationships with our parents, siblings and nieces. We love playing games, going to sporting events, adventuring on trips and sharing holidays with our families, and we know that they will play important roles when we have the opportunity to raise and love our own children. We also have a very tightknit group of friends, many of whom have young children, and they serve as an important source of support and joy in our lives. We feel so fortunate to have amazing, fun friends and family in our lives. 

We both started our careers as educators and continue to serve in leadership roles in the field of education. At the center of both of our careers is a desire to ensure that all students have access to an excellent education regardless of income level or the neighborhood they grow up in. We have pursued professional opportunities that seek to expand equity in education and we both intentionally work with students that live in areas that have historically been educationally underserved. This shared purpose is a special part of our life together and has been something that has strengthened our friendship and marriage. As professionals and in our personal lives, we take pride in setting ambitious goals and working really hard. We are committed to always working diligently to improve and get the most out of life – whether through reading more books, traveling to new places, or being the best friends and family members we can be. 

One defining and special feature of our relationship is our mutual love for fun and adventure. We love making the most of the small moments in our everyday lives. Singing (loudly) along to our favorite songs in the car on the way to the grocery store or a friend’s house, dancing impromptu with our rambunctious dog, Claudia Jean, while making dinner together, or making up games while we’re out to dinner are all things that are common and joyful experiences in our daily lives. We also enjoy big adventures, and we particularly love traveling together. In the past few years, we’ve been blessed to hike through rainforests in Puerto Rico and the Redwood National Park in California, we were awed at the Vatican in Rome and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and we loved striking up conversations with strangers at restaurants on the Seine in Paris and the beach in Nice. Traveling together has given us a tremendous appreciation for experiencing other cultures and has strengthened our love for taking adventures together. We can’t wait to share big adventures and small moments of fun and joy with a child. 

Family has always been everything to us and we are so excited to be parents and start a family through adoption. Our commitment to each other has always been to love each other boldly and unconditionally, and we can’t wait to love a child in the same way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn about who we are as individuals and as a couple. 

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