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Bradley and Chrissy

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Hi There,

Thank you for taking time to read and look through our profile (Brad and Chrissy). We are looking forward to get to know you in this parenting journey. A little bit about us. 

We both go to a Christian church. Brad has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has a really neat job.  Brad works on developing and improving weather satellites for NASA. Chrissy has her masters in social work. She is an adjunct professor, but plans on being a stay at home Mom when the time comes. 

Brad and I love to travel. We have family members all over the USA. We have a big family and are very close to our parents and siblings. Brad has one younger sister and I have one younger sister. Brad’s family has game night every week. Family, friends and church member all gather together and have fun. Chrissy’s side has many activities as well. We both like to spend the holidays with both our families. We are very fortunate to have both sides of each our families to live very close to us. 

We have two big dogs. Maggie is our Great Dane. Faline is our Doberman Pincher. They are both a fawn color. Also, both dogs are female and are great with kids. I included their picture as well. 

Brad and I have been married over three years and in that time we have tried to start our own family. My body is selfish and would not release any eggs. So we tried with assistance from medical support. No luck, we failed to conceive. 

We are both very fortunate to have family members who have adopted with great, open experiences. Brad’s sister and brother in law have adopted three great kids. Chrissy’s cousin has adopted two children which are also our god-children. 

We have talked and are want to have an open and long – term relationship with our child’s biological parent(s). We want to know you and have our child growing up to know you as well. Without a doubt we both can honestly say, we will give our child a life full of love, support, and opportunities. We can offer our child unconditional love, emotional support, financial support, a safe and stable home, and a great education. 

We can only imagine how hard this decision can be for you. We want you to know how brave and awesome you are. Thank you again for your time and effort in reading our profile. 

Looking forward to our journey,

Bradley & Chrissy 

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:2
Pets:Maggie (Great Dane) and Peanut (Labordane)
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

About Bradley


More About Bradley

Bradley presents himself as an friendly, honest, and compassionate individual. Bradley is 6 foot tall, has blue eyes, and fair complexion. Bradley describes himself as frugal, and that he enjoys and loves his family. He presents as an intelligent, sincere, friendly individual. In his leisure time, Bradley enjoys watching sports and movies. Chrissy describes Bradley as tender hearted, caring, and stubborn.

About Chrissy


More About Chrissy

Chrissy presents herself as an open, honest, and compassionate individual. Chrissy is 5 feet 9 inches tall, has blue eyes and a fair complexion. In her free time, Chrissy enjoys crafts and reading. Chrissy describes herself as caring, understanding, and fun. She presents as an open, kind and compassionate individual. Bradley describes Chrissy as enjoying life, loving, and disorganized.

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