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Roger and Adriane

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Dear Birth Parent,

Hello!  Our names are Roger (35) and Adriane (33), and we are very humbled and thankful that you are taking the time to learn more about us.  We also feel very blessed to be one of the many loving families Bethany Christian Services may introduce to you.  You have a very unselfish and difficult decision, and we pray that you find comfort and peace from the number of people absolutely willing and able to parent, love, and provide for your child.  “For I know the plans I have for you ‘says the Lord’ plans for well-being and not for trouble, to give you a future and a hope.”  - Jeremiah 29:11. 

About Us: 

We were married in 2010 after a short, one-year courtship.  The past 7 years, our relationship and love for each other has grown, and there are no bounds. We have had our challenges though.  Early on we learned that we are unable to naturally conceive a child due to infertility.  Out of that heartache though, God provided an amazing blessing in the adoption of our son, Hezekiah, in 2013.  Again, we are putting our burdens on the Lord in the hope of expanding our family through adoption.

About Adriane, by Roger: 

Adriane is THE kindest person I know.  She is a patient and caring mother to Hezekiah, raising him in a loving and learning home focused on a relationship with God and others.  Adriane impacts those around her by being selfless, hard-working, and sharing her beautiful singing voice.  She works at a nearby military base as an Administrative Assistant (Associate’s Degree in General Science).  Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a person with more inner and outer beauty.  I know she has more than enough love and energy to welcome more children into our home!

About Roger, by Adriane: 

Grass will never grow under his feet as he mows the lawn, gardens, builds something or otherwise maintains our small hobby farm.  He’s selfless, enjoys to laugh, and enjoys making others laugh with his dry, witty sense of humor.   Roger is an intelligent person (Master’s Degree in Engineering) who is never condescending and always eager to teach.  He’s a natural leader in our home and his workplace as a manager.  I love Roger dearly and am thankful that God brought him into my life!  He will continue to be a caring, patient and loving husband and father who teaches his children positive family values, a strong work ethic, and the love of the Lord. 

Our Son, Hezekiah: 
Hezekiah (3) is our rough and tumble son who really enjoys life!  “Hez” likes to wrestle, pretend to be a super hero, and play anything that involves a ball.  He’s sociable with his friends and family and enjoys the outdoors around our home or campsite.  Along with having a vivid imagination, Hezekiah is very conscious and a quick learner.  We’ve talked with him about being a big brother, and he is ready for the adventure and responsibility!  Hezekiah was adopted as a newborn through Bethany Christian Services, and we’ve told him and will continue to tell him his adoption story.  We maintain an open and healthy relationship with his birth mother, as we would hope to do with any future adoption relationships.

Our Home: 
We live in a modest 2-story, farm-style house with a basement laying on 7 acres with a garage and barn.  We have several friendly horses and dogs.  Our little funny farm is sure to not only provide for several adventures in the life of a child, but also an environment to learn valuable life skills and responsibility. 

Our Community: 
We live near a small rural town that we consider a safe place to raise children.  Local children attend a small public school where they are not just another number.  Most teachers actually live in and are active in the local community. 

Our Church and Family: 
We are active in a Christian Church and enjoy the company of several other church families.  It is important that lessons and values taught in our home are reinforced through the Church and family.  We are blessed to live near family to include both our parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and other extended family.  Hezekiah has six cousins near his age, and the number is growing!  We have nearly daily interaction with nearby family, and always enjoy visiting with those that live a little further away.   All of our close friends and family have been a large, positive part of Hezekiah’s life, and they will be for additional children as well. 

Raising Children: 
We will raise another child similarly to Hezekiah.  Adriane will stay home from work for 3 months after the child’s birth.  A familiar, stay-at-home mother will provide childcare while we work outside of our home.  As the child ages, we feel it is important for their development to split time between the babysitter, grandparent’s and daycare before kindergarten.  Of course we will rush home after work to comfort, care for, teach, and raise a polite, hardworking, caring, and honest young lady or gentleman. 

We continuously give praise to the Lord and thank him for opening our hearts and minds to adoption.  We lean on and find great comfort in Romans 8:28 which states: “We know all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.” 

Facts About Our Family

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