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Benjamin and Jodie

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Dear Expectant Parents,

We cannot imagine how much energy and emotion has gone into your consideration of placing your child up for adoption. It is a spirited and noble decision and we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child. Our goal with this letter is to help you understand what kind of life your child will live if we are selected as their family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to further introduce our family to you.

About Us

Jodie and I met while attending Church. We dated for a year and a half before becoming Mr. and Mrs. on December 31st, 2011. Jodie and I have supported each other’s careers which has taken us up and down the Midwest. Jodie is currently very successful as a Registered Nurse and I have grown in my career as a golf professional. We have always challenged and pushed each other in our careers and support each other throughout our years together.

Our Travels

We have spent time traveling the country, not including our adventures moving across the country. We enjoyed our first trip together as husband and wife. We spent a day and a half in New Orleans before taking a week long cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Falmouth Jamaica. We drove there and made overnight stays in Memphis and Nashville, TN. Since our honeymoon we try and make trips near or during our anniversary. We have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Cancun, Chicago, IL, Washington D.C., and Phoenix, AZ. Our favorite vacation is Washington D.C. We saw the monuments, museums, private Capitol Tour, White House Tour, the Zoo (Jodie’s favorite) and took in a show at the Kennedy Center (Ben’s Favorite). When we travel we like to experience local restaurants and what the different places have to offer. I have really opened up Jodie’s eyes to some foods she never thought she would like, for instance, Raw Oysters. I tend to be a little more outgoing and open to trying new things. I share my food with Jodie so that she can experience new things with me and at her own speed. We enjoy all the things that the world has to offer and want our child to experience these things with us. All of our travels have different things to offer and we want that for your child. I have always found that I learn a lot more when I go and experience these different things, museums, monuments, parks, events.

Our Pets

We do have babies, fur-babies. Four of them to be exact. Princeton is the King; he is a 13-year-old cat. He doesn’t understand why the other animals have to go see who comes and goes and explore the house. He is completely content hiding in his tower in our room, on the bed, or napping with his mama, Jodie. He has warmed up to me but will always be Jodie’s. Next is Rocky, Rockypoo, Pooter, or Pooty. He is an 8-year-old Puggle (Pug-Beagle Mix). He has been a part of Jodie’s life since he was a puppy. He loves naps and breakfast and dinner time, you better not be late because he will let you know. We…. well I got Max our 1 and half year-old Terrier. When we adopted him I thought he was a Border Collie. He wasn’t showing characteristics of that so we had him DNA tested. Turns out he is Jack Russell Terrier, Boston Terrier, and Mini American Eskimo. He is all terrier, very high energy and very loving dog. Last but not least is HERCULES, yes I named him and Jodie brought him home. He is complete opposite of Princeton, he loves people, the dogs, and will eat anything that is left on any surface of the house. We love animals and try to give them the best possible place to live and grow.

Why Adoption

With everything in life that we have been blessed with, we still feel there is a hole in our hearts that has yet to be filled. The space in our hearts is to be blessed with a child. We would love to be parents and to be blessed with a child would complete our little family. We have a niece who was born in October of 2016 and came to visit for Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, the dogs and I did really well having a newborn around. I have always had a hard time holding newborns. I was afraid of dropping them not knowing how to hold them or being spit up on. Happily, I was able to hold my niece and it was one of the best things in the world to have her fall asleep in my arms. I know Jodie was battling grandma for time with her, but she has loved her niece before she was born. Outfits, visits, talking to her, and getting daily pictures of her niece melt her heart. It has been very hard on Jodie and me not to have a child by now having gone through everything that we have. However, we know that one day we will have our very own baby to love.

This is what we want to do for your child. Love, care, protect, and provide for them in a Christ-filled home that is open to experiencing the world around them.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Des Moines
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