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Brandon and Erica

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Hello, we are Brandon, Erica, Adalee, and Ella. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. God began weaving our family together years ago (grade school sweethearts don't come around every day), and we have seen his faithfulness in each step of our journey. In college, Erica cheered through every quarter of Brandon’s college football games; he attended her art shows and walked through some of the finest art museums in the world often holding her photography equipment, but soon finding himself more and more interested in the art. As the years have gone by, our love for each other has grown deeper. We understand and respect more how God has created the other to be. The only way this is possible is through the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has directed each of our steps no matter what plans we put in place. He is our good father and he is calling us to adopt. It has been remarkable to see his faithfulness through this. We would really love to tell you about: our girls, our family, our hobbies, and our church: Our girls- Adalee & Ella. These two are spunky and energetic. They keep us laughing and looking forward to each game of ring-around-the-rosy or the rare moment after work when they dance in the doorway as the official welcoming committee back into our home. They are so excited to meet their little brother or sister and welcome them into their games, coloring, scheming, and blanket forts. Our families- We enjoy family in the area as an important part of our lives. Sunday dinners are often filled with family and guests around tables that always have room for one more. It’s around mom’s famous mashed potatoes and dad’s grilled steak where we rib each other for who really caught the biggest fish or who made the last shot of the basketball game on the driveway. Hobbies – Together, we enjoy bonfires, playing outside, and drawing with chalk all over the driveway. We take walks and the girls run around the yard with the neighbors pretending they’re in their castle or swinging on unicorns (it’s really just a playset, but let’s go with it). We went camping as a family last year for the first time and we’re hoping to give that another go this year. We also enjoy spending time on the water at the lake or playing in the sand. Church/school- Adalee made her debut in the children’s Christmas program at church this year and both girls enjoy singing along during worship. We have several adoptive families in our church and our church is known as a safe place for people to be themselves and grow together in Christ. Our girls will attend a Christian school learning Bible stories and all about God’s good creation. Our prayer is that as our stories merge you'll have the opportunity to picture your precious child laughing with our girls, blowing out birthday candles, and learning to ride their bike around our neighborhood.

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Placement Status:Placement
Location:Orange City
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

Together we love to see and experience new places, people, and foods! We appreciate the beauty of world around us, and try to soak in as much as we can each year, whether it's around our home or a far off destination. Recently we had the opportunity to go to a local state park, pick strawberries with family, and take a family vacation to the Great Lakes. We've passed down our love of good ice cream to Adalee and Ella. Together, we cheer on our favorite teams, enjoy the beautiful sunshine at the lake, and Adalee always makes sure we leave room in the schedule for a treat! Our community offers so many great things. Beautiful parks, swimming pools, great schools, and a bike trail. We have so many kiddos in our neighborhood, so the girls always have someone to play with.

About Brandon


More About Brandon

Where do I begin? Brandon is one of the most consistent people I know. He is strong, loyal, humble and incredibly considerate. He has a strong faith in God, he leads our family so eloquently and can make us roll over with laughter. Watching him become dad has been my favorite part of our years together. He makes the best pancakes and gives the best horsey rides. I am so excited to watch him be dad to another child.

About Erica


More About Erica

Selfless. Caring. Beautiful. Erica is the love of my life. Erica brings the world alive for our girls--inviting them to create, to see the world as God intended it and join Him in unfolding His good creation. She is an artist. From the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies to capturing memories as a photographer or the essence of the brand of her design clients. She just gets it. Yet, more than that she cares, she loves, and she will be a loving and compassionate mother for your beautiful child.

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