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JOSEPH and Jessica

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We have been married for eleven years and are currently parenting two sons age 9 and 7 years old. We would like more children and feel adoption is the best way to grow our family. Adoption has always been on our hearts since Joe has been involved in doing missionary work in orphanages in Guatemala. Our family is very active and involved with sports, church activities, family and friends. We enjoy being outside at the beach or mountains and love spending time with our sons. Jessica started her own business so she could stay home with the boys and has flexibility to dedicate many hours to the children. She would be home with the baby during the day as well since her job requires some nights and weekends. We intentional schedule our work commitments this way so one of us is present and outside childcare is rarely used. Our marriage and family is based on team work and we constantly communicate and evolve in areas that we need to grow! We like to have fun, we are loud and goofy, and we focus on grace and kindness in our family.

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:Bowser 4 year old Great Dane
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

As parents, we really enjoy spending time with our children and watching them grow and learn. We are fierce advocates for our sons and have created an open atmosphere in our home for open and honest communication. We are nurturing the values of faith, love, respect, and kindness in our sons. We have educated ourselves in understanding child development and the importance of parental responsiveness. We focus on having conversations with our children in a loving, patient, and understanding manner through discipline issues and general day to day. We strive to be active listeners and pay attention to both of our children's verbal and nonverbal ques. We work well together in our marriage as a team and share the same values, beliefs, and views on raising children. We are supportive of one another and responsive to each others emotional and spiritual needs. References noted they have a strong marriage and are loving and respectful to one another.


More About JOSEPH

Joe is fun, outgoing, generous, driven, hard working, reliable, and flexible. He is our rock and constantly sacrifices for the betterment of our family. If our children need any outside support or encouragement he always steps up to help them reach their goals. He is my best friend and demonstrates how important our marriage is on a daily basis. He is a great communicator and thrives on relationships. He loves to host dinners and parties for our extended family and friends. His faith is what matters most to him and this keeps him grounded and focused on whats important.

About Jessica

More About Jessica

If I could describe Jess in one word it would be leader. That is what she does in so many ways for so many people. First, she is a Godly women and pushes our family to live a Christ centered life and Jess leads by example. Jess is dedicated to her own business and helps others find their full potential each and every day. Jess has a helpful spirit with a mentality of “say yes when you can say yes”. What may be a drag to others or an inconvenience is welcomed with a smile and love from Jess. She is amazing and our family motivator. This is nothing she wouldn’t do for me, our boys and the rest of our family and friends.

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