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Robert and Elizabeth

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Thank you for considering us as a potential family for your child. 

We hope we can meet you and to hear your stories and your dreams for your child. We thank God for you and for your courage and love in choosing life for your child, whether you decide to parent or make an adoption plan.  We believe every child is precious.  On our nursery wall we have painted Psalm 139:13-14:

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

A little of our story: We struggle with infertility and have been told we have very low odds of conceiving, so we first began pursuing adoption back in 2013.  Adoption was not foreign to us--we have many friends who have adopted children and Elizabeth has extended family members who were adopted.  However after 8 months as a waiting family we were surprised when we become pregnant and had our son in early 2015!

We again are experiencing infertility and would love to welcome more children into our home by whatever means God chooses.  We believe any child He gives us through adoption or natural birth is not ultimately "ours", but His, and He loves them far more than any of us can.  But we know He gives them to us as precious gifts to love and to help them become everything He has created them to be.  We want to give your child a home where he or she can be secure in our love, in your love, and most importantly, in their Heavenly Father's love.


About Bob (From Elizabeth)

Many things attracted me to Bob such as his loyalty, his keeping commitments, and his faith.  Bob is a man who would serve others in small but meaningful ways.  He has a sensitive and empathetic heart for others and for their pain.   He treats people with respect and honor and has always made me feel like a princess.  He is also a very affectionate man.

I see him daily serve the family including dishes, laundry, and changing diapers.  He is very much a husband and father who is present in his home.  He is a man who goes out of his way to love, spend time, provide, and protect his family.


About Elizabeth (From Bob)

Elizabeth has been a huge blessing to me and to our son.  She loves God, loves our family, and does an amazing job of caring for our son.  She cares for people, investing time in women from our church to help them grow spiritually and personally.  She has also taken the lead in getting us involved in our community.  She is a wonderful partner in life and ministry.

She is also very organized and disciplined; she keeps the house running smoothly and helps us to be good stewards of all that God has given us. I trust her completely.  But she also knows when it's time to be silly and fun!


About Cas

Our son Cas has a happy and easy-going deposition.  He is an active toddler who loves to help daddy mow and mommy cook.  He could play with water for hours, loves music, glitter glue, helicopters, and airplanes.  We know he'll be a great older brother as we've seen him interact well with younger children.


What we do and Hobbies

Bob has his PhD and works for the government and is blessed to be able to bike to work.  Elizabeth works as a homemaker and professional organizer.  Some of things we enjoy are: camping, gardening, biking, watching thunderstorms, reading, music, and making homemade pizza for family nights.  Our extended family, church family, & neighbors are important to us and make time for all of them.


Our Home

Our home has plenty of space to grow a family in!  The nursery and kids' bathroom are decorated with a frog theme.  We have yard space to play in, a park and lake nearby, and plenty of bike trails to explore.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider us for your child's family and to be a part of your story.  We would be delighted to hear from you.



Bob and Elizabeth


Facts About Our Family

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