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Arthur and Sadie

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We are so appreciative that you would consider our family in the privilege of raising your child. Although we can only imagine the difficulty and pain of the choices you are facing, we hope that the burden is lightened as you see the love that waiting families have for you and your child. We hope to share enough about who we are that you can imagine what your child’s life would be like in our family.

Our names are Arthur and Sadie. We met in college, where we fell in love and spent the next few years sharing lots of experiences and adventures together.  After we graduated, we got married, which was almost 13 years ago!   Sadie is currently a stay-at-home mom who works part-time at our church.  Sadie likes baking, crafts, gardening, and going shopping with her mom.  She also plays the saxophone in the Christmas Band.

Arthur works full- time in the medical manufacturing industry as a senior production supervisor. He also referees for basketball in the winter months.  Arthur plays the drums in a band with some friends and likes to play basketball too.  Arthur is great at home repairs, but we also take on a lot of projects together. 

We have a three year old son, David, who is a very loving and active kid. He enjoys riding his bike, any hands-on activity, and reading with mommy and daddy. We also have two Siamese cats that we love to play and cuddle.  We live in a single family home with a grassy flat yard that is great for family activities.   

We really enjoy our family time together.  We love going for hikes and bike rides, playing in the yard, watching movies and reading books. We plan to provide our children with the opportunity to explore this world and learn what their special gifts are.  We want to be by their side as they learn, struggle, develop and create. 

We have considered adoption as part of our family plans since we first began dating.  After difficulty with fertility, a miscarriage, and the illness and death of our infant daughter, we have decided that the time is now to follow through with our plans to adopt.  Our son, David, is very excited about having a brother or sister.   Our hearts are so grateful to you and the role you play in the life of your child.   As you feel comfortable, we plan to encourage a loving and healthy relationship with the child you entrust to us and his/her birth family.  We hope to have the opportunity to meet you and share more of our lives together.

With love and respect,

Arthur and Sadie

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