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Carter and Rebecca

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Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We have room in our hearts and lives for more children and are honored and humbled that you would consider us to be your child’s adoptive family.

We have always been interested in adoption. Rebecca’s older sister adopted two of her five children through Bethany. Through this, we have witnessed the blessings and challenges that come with adoption. We have desired a larger family. However, we struggled to conceive our son, Micah, and it seems clear that we are meant to move forward with adoption at this time.

We met because we were both coaches and had mutual friends. We married in June of 2008. Carter is still working as a women’s college basketball coach and Rebecca now stays home to take care of Micah. 

We love spending time together as a family. Some of our favorite activities include riding bikes, woodworking, baking and cooking, trying new foods, exploring our city, playing soccer, reading, and attending college sporting events.

Micah is excited to be an older brother, asking frequently, “Is today going to be the day I become a big brother?” Although he is still too young to totally understand the concept of adoption, he knows that God creates families in many ways. 

We cannot imagine what a challenge you are facing as you make decisions about the future for you and your baby. We hope you receive support and peace along this journey. Please know if you chose us we will fully embrace you and your child into our family. Some of our promises to you as the birth parent include:

Love: We promise to love your child unconditionally. He or she will always be loved for who they are as a full member of our family.

Honesty: We promise to share your child’s birth story with him or her. Your child will know of your unselfish decision in considering an open adoption. 

Celebration: We promise to celebrate his or her adoption story. We look forward to celebrating an annual “adoption day” that includes the whole family.

Inclusion: We promise to honor your role and connection to your child and us. If you’d like, we would love for you to become another member of our family. 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our life and family. We also hope you understand the deep gratitude we have for you in your consideration of us as your child’s adoptive family. 

Forever grateful,

Carter and Rebecca

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