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Brett and Kristen

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We can’t begin to tell you the thanks we have in considering our family for your child. We have always felt a strong call in our lives to adopt, and would love nothing more than to give your child a safe, Christian home with an active family and surrounded by relatives. We are excited to take this journey together, and would love to get to know you, and have an ongoing relationship with you so that you can remain connected to our lives.

Our Story

We were introduced in 2005 through Brett’s Dad, where Kristen worked, and Brett played tennis. Brett knew from the get go that she was the one. We started dating in 2007, and were married in 2009. We are both very active, and love to travel. Almost our entire family (both sides) are local to Michigan, so with family being such a high priority for us, we spend a lot of time with parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc... 

About Brett

Brett is a people person. He loves to get together with family and friends for any reason. Weekly card games, tennis, or hanging out at the fire station, Brett enjoys the company of others. Brett works in management for a large company and is also a volunteer firefighter. More than anything, Brett enjoys his time with the kids and specializes in bedtime stories (made up of course) and songs.

About Kristen

Kristen is the glue of our family. She is the best Mom that our kids could ask for. She home schools all 3 of the kids, and owns a business that is run out of our home. She is very active within the community, but nothing takes priority over her family life. Kristen is very close with her Mom and her sister, and will often spend her free time planning her next family adventure.

Our Family

We have 3 biological children: Liam (6), Hadley (5), and Rowan (3). They are very active, and love to meet new kids. They are extremely excited about having a new sibling to care for and play with! Both of our parents live local and see the grand kids on a weekly basis. They are all looking forward to the idea of having another Grand-kid to spoil! 

Our Community

We live in a small village that is situated between 2 rather large cities. We have the best of both worlds because we get a quiet, local environment to raise our children, but the enjoyment of a larger city with opportunities within a 20 minute drive.

Brett and Kristen

Facts About Our Family

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