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Brian and Sarah

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Hello There!

We hope this letter finds you in good spirits. We hope that as you get to know us through our profile, maybe you can be uplifted a little, or get a chuckle out of our antics, or at least you'll get to look at some cute kiddos for a little while.

We are Brian, Sarah, and the 3 M’s (Mason, Morgan, and Marcus.)  We are a family based on love, grace, and a little bit of craziness.  We would like our family to be a blessing; to those in it, and those we come in contact with.  Even if God is not leading you to us, we wish you all possible blessings on you on your adoption journey, and we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little bit.

We (Brian and Sarah) met at university where Brian was studying to become a computer scientist, and Sarah a mechanical engineer.  We joked on our first night as a couple that we were gonna get married, and so we did. Twelve years later, and we’ve been blessed with three spunky kids, a well-traveled pop up camper, two kayaks, a canoe, and two kitties.  We are a family who love the outdoors and spending time together.  We can be found most evenings at a local park, taking walks down our dirt road, or in our front yard or back woods.  We believe strongly in family dinners and frequent get togethers with extended family.  We don’t watch much tv, but we have a much looked forward to Sunday night tradition of home-made pizza and a movie.

Brian is a brilliant programmer (at least that’s what Sarah thinks) but more importantly is reliable, thoughtful, honest, selfless, sacrificial and fun loving!  His job is flexible, and allows him the ability to attend pre-school parties, field trips, and help with any family appointments or commitments.  Sarah is a full time stay at home mom, who gave up engineering military vehicles to engineer family life instead.  She has an easy laugh, and it is loud, and a little weird.  She loves the color blue, and sleeping with the windows open to hear the frogs peeping outside.  Sarah has a gentle, and loving touch with the kids, and knows how to enter their world of pretend games and conversation.  At least that’s what Brian thinks.

Mason is our six year old tornado of a Little Man.  He adores vehicles (of all varieties), his wooden train set, water puddles, Legos, reading books on our laps, more vehicles, playing endlessly with his siblings, and sugar (also, of all varieties.)  He has a helper’s heart, and loves his family unconditionally.  Morgan is our five year old mish mash of purple glitter, Hot Wheels, dollies, and dump trucks.  She and Mason are completely attached at the hip, but she will absolutely let Mason jump into the cold mud puddle first, and then decide to follow him or not.  Morgan is never without her Pooh Bear, and many, many, pipes (pacifiers.)  She would live at the beach if we let her, but makes due in the massive sandbox Brian built for her at home.  Marcus is our three year old, adoption miracle.  He is our blue eyed, long haired, super handsome, arm flapping, black hole for food, little dude. He is the perfect Godzilla to his older siblings train villages. He was adopted into as an infant, and we could not be more blessed to have him here.  We would like to add to our family one more adopted child, so we have two biological and two adopted, and no one feels left out or alone.

We have seen first hand the initial pain of separating from a child, but we have also seen beauty blossom from it; as the baby grows and matures in a loving home and the birth parents can move forward as part of our family knowing that their little one will be well cared for. We realize our second adoption experience will not necessarily be like our first.  Families are different, as are situations and people.  Although our first adoption has been very open, we understand that our second will be just as special and unique, but possibly very different.  We look forward to building a relationship with another family, to support and love a new little life.

We understand that any child looking for an adoptive family is neither a charity case, nor a victim, but a soul in need.  Taking care of an additional child of any age is a wonderful but all-encompassing endeavor.  We are ready, willing, and excited about this new adventure!  We would like to introduce you to our family; our marriage and parenting ideals, our kids who will make wonderful siblings, and our home which we have designed around our family. 

Although we have no idea what experiences have brought you to our profile, we would like you to know two things; that any child placed with us would be loved deeply and cared for in a home experienced in adoption.  Also, no matter which family you choose as birthparents, know that people are praying for you, and your child, and you are never, ever alone.


Facts About Our Family

Location:East Lansing
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