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Cody and Erica

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Our names are Cody and Erica. Living life together has been an adventure as God has enabled us to travel to Jamaica, Paris, England, Ireland, Tokyo, and Mexico. Our travels have slowed down a bit since our family has grown beyond the two of us., but adventure is still present! Now the adventure takes on a different form. From bike rides, family movie nights, park play dates, visiting out-of-state family, and camping, we sure enjoy the adventure of children! We have three fun-loving children, Elias (Eli), Calahan (Cal), and Evangeline (Eva). They are all , as they say, "thick as thieves." Eli is our 9 year old football fanatic, Lego-loving, protective, and perfectionist first-born. Cal is our 8 year old, close cuddling, entertaining, dramatic, and comedic middle child. Whiile Eva is our sweet, spunky, and crazy 3 year old. When they are not wrestling, the three of them are usually doing something active. They are excited to be big siblings and teach the baby all sorts of new things! The two of us hope our profile will give you a small glimpse of who we are. We respect your desire to find the best family to love and cherish your sweet baby as much as you do. We promise you that we will love your child unconditionally and do our best to raise our family in a loving, Christian home. We pray that God will give you strength and be with you as you make this plan, out of love, for your child Warmly, Cody and Erica (Eli, Cal, and Eva too!)

Facts About Our Family

Location:Southeast Michigan
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About Cody

More About Cody

Cody is the best husband and dad I could've prayed for. He is patient, calm, and caring. I've never seen a man who interacts with children so well. We teach the 2 and 3-year-old Sunday School class, and he is an asset. His relaxed,friendly, demeanor instantly puts the kids at ease. Cody is a family man. He prioritizes us above work an any other commitment. He makes everyone in our family feel valued and loved. He spends quality time with us, and enjoys being with us. He is very hands-on and helps our kids learn to ride bikes, homework problems, life lessons, and he never complains when diaper changes are needed. Our family thrives under Cody's leadership. He is quick to help with the cooking, cleaning, parenting, and any other need within our household. He makes a great teammate and spouse! Friends and family often comment about Cody's servant heart and helpful spirit.

About Erica

More About Erica

It was more than love at first sight; from the moment that I met Erica when we were in high school God showed me that she was the woman that He planned for me to laugh with, serve with, parent with, support each other through the deepest loss and enjoy cold evenings by the fire together. Erica has blessed me by serving seemingly tirelessly whether as an elementary teacher, a meal-planning homemaker or an attentive mother. God blessed Erica with the gift of teaching. She earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education that she used during the early years of our marriage to teach in public and private schools. When needed, she also applied that gift to home schooling our own children. Even outside of formal settings, she is utilizing her gifts as a teacher to be creative, organized and responsible. In our family, Erica and I are a team. Her sociable spirit makes her rejuvenated whenever friends or anyone to talk with surrounds her. Our family is able to go on camping trips, weekend excursions and family vacations thanks to her impeccable planning. Her love for God and family is an example and encouragement to everyone she meets.

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