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Daniel and Leona

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hi! We are Dan and Leona.

We know how much you love your child and that you want the absolute best for your baby! We want you to know that we are praying for you. Your love for your baby is truly an inspiration to us. If we are chosen as the adoptive parents to your baby, we promise to love him/her unconditionally and tell your child how much you love him/her. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!

How we met:

We met in the 2002 when Leona drove down from Ontario to meet Dan’s sister, Becky, who Leona met at church youth camp. We felt an instant connection and began emailing each other and then dating shortly after. Since we lived in two different countries, we spent our weekends together and emailed extensively. We loved exploring our state or province’s natural attractions! After three months of dating we were engaged and then married a year later. Our families and friends still talk about traveling for our wedding and how much fun they had.

About Dan:

Dan is a builder and architect and enjoys creating homes for families. Dan is the oldest of three siblings, with one younger brother and one younger sister. Dan’s brother is married and has three children, two boys and one girl. Dan’s family lives one block away from us so we often spend time with them. Dan’s nephews love coming over to play a computer farm game that they are all involved in. When Dan’s niece comes over we love to play with crafts, swim in our pool, or bake. Dan is an excellent self-taught cook so we enjoy many of the culinary experiences he is working on.

About Leona:

Leona is an emergency department nurse and loves taking care of her patients. Leona is the youngest of six siblings, with three older brothers and two older sisters. Leona’s brothers are married and one of her sister’s is widowed. Together Leona’s siblings have 17 children (6 girls and 11 boys). We love to spend time with all of them! Whenever we are there, we get together at Leona’s mom and dad’s after church on Sunday. Since Leona’s family lives in Canada we enjoy traveling there during the holidays and for summer vacations. We had an amazing summer vacation this year with Leona’s sisters, Miranda and Dori, and our nephew, Christiaan (some pictures included)!

Our home:

We live out in the country, just outside of a small town. We love being close to town and having lots of room for outdoor fun. Our home has four bedrooms with three bathrooms. We plan to use our second bedroom upstairs as a nursery and have recently renovated it. The upstairs has an open concept kitchen, dining, and living room, which is great for cooking and family time. We love spending evenings at the dinner table eating and then setting up a board game. Downstairs, we have a family room with a fireplace, which is wonderful during the winter to sit and watch a movie. Outside we have a pool and fire pit for fun with family barbecues. We are looking forward to creating wonderful memories!

A little more about us:

Our families are thrilled that we are hoping to adopt! We have been married for 14 years and our infertility journey has been extensive. We found out after a few years of marriage that we would not be able to have biological children. We adopted embryos through our fertility clinic, but after five failed in vitro fertilizations, we felt that God was telling us to move on. We know that our journey to build our family is not over and we felt led to Bethany Christian Services after attending an information evening they had. We have been surrounded by love from our families and God throughout this process.

Our favorite music is gospel country. We also enjoy listening to NPR or a comedy show. We both love trying ethnic cuisine and especially enjoy Dutch, Indian, Italian, and Asian dishes. Dan is an extensive reader of crime thrillers and Leona loves historical novels. Our favorite movie genre is sci-fi. We also love to watch reality shows, especially about baking or cooking.

We have a wonderful marriage! We value family and faith above all else. Our happiness together has far outweighed our grief with infertility. We are each other’s best friend and enjoy spending time together working on home improvement projects. We love planning our next vacation. Our favorite indoor activity is playing a board game while watching a movie. Our favorite outdoor activity is kayaking. We hope to encourage our child to explore their world and enjoy all the opportunities that we can give them.

Thank you for reading our profile. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Dan and Leona

We are a loving Christ-centered family who would be privileged to be asked by you to raise your son or daughter in our home. Thank you for taking the time to look at our online profile. We are praying for you! Have a blessed day!

Facts About Our Family

Location:Grand Rapids
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# of Pets:2
Neighborhood: Country
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

As a couple, we struggled to identify ourselves as a family, especially during our infertility treatments. Throughout that time we held onto each other and our dream of having a family that included children. We love our home, our family, and our life! We would love to find our missing piece and become parents. Our extended family lives in Michigan and in Ontario. Some of our family lives really close (a block away) and others we visit during the summer or on holidays in Ontario. Dan is an amazing husband, son, and uncle. He loves to help our nieces and nephews play a game, fix something, or cook with them. Leona is an amazing wife, daughter, and aunt. She loves to help care for her nieces and nephews and take them on special trips.

About Daniel

Education:High School

About Leona

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