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Dave and Andrea

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Dear Birth Mother, 

We would like you to know how much we respect and admire the courageous and selfless decision you are making.  Even though we have never met, we share the common goal of giving your child the best life possible.  We feel incredibly privileged that you are taking the time to review our profile and that you are considering giving us the ultimate gift of a child to start our family.   

We consider ourselves to be very open.  We would welcome the opportunity to build a healthy and lasting relationship with you and to continually communicate with you about this child at whatever level you are comfortable with.  This could include photos, letters and in-person visits.

About Us

Our lives collided (literally) one summer evening at a social event.  To determine which one of us made first contact with the other depends on whom you ask.  After our initial conversation, Dave handed his business card to Andrea so they could exchange contact info, but her friend knew better and wrote Andrea’s number on the back of the card and returned it to Dave.

We soon became friends and later started dating.  We were married in 2011.   In our free time, we enjoy going to the movies and local festivals, trying new restaurants, walking along nature trails, attending sporting events and taking spontaneous road trips.   Our most recent fun adventures have taken us to Mackinac Island and Niagara Falls. 

Andrea is a middle school art teacher and runs an environmental awareness club at the school.  Dave works as a computer programmer and teaches computer classes to college students. 

Andrea, My Wife

Andrea is very talented, creative and conscientious.  Whether it is through decorating our home or through the gifts she buys for family members’ birthdays and holidays, Andrea puts great thought and care into what she gives to others.  She is also a very caring and kind-hearted person who has a tremendous amount of love to offer a child as an adoptive Mom.  

Dave, My Husband

Dave is the one person who makes me feel loved no matter what.  He loves me for who I am.  He has a huge heart.  Dave’s great sense of humor is one of my favorite things about him. The sound of his laugh just makes you smile.  He is a loving son who takes care of his family in many big and small ways.  I know I can depend on him and he will be by my side our entire life. He has taught me to see the good in people and have faith that God will watch out for us even if it is in a different way then we have planned.  

Our Family

We were both raised in loving Christian homes and continue to practice our faith at the church where we were married. Dave has two sisters and Andrea has one. Both are families live in the area and are there for our support.

Our Prayer For You

May God be with you during your time of reflection as you strive to make the best decision for you and your child.  We would enjoy the chance to meet you in person in order for us to get to know one another better. 


Andrea and Dave

Facts About Our Family

Location:Madison Heights
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
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