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Garth and Jennifer

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Thank you so much for looking through our profile. We are Jennifer and Garth. Our story started in college, where we met but didn't start dating until we connected on social media many years later. At the beginning, Jen was living in New York and Garth in Chicago so we spent our first year dating long distance, traveling every weekend and talking on the phone every night. After a year of dating, Jen moved to Chicago to be with Garth and we were married less then a year later. We spent the first four years of our marriage in Chicago and will always call it our second home, but we now call Michigan our permanent home. Jen is from Michigan and we moved here to be closer to our family. We now spend our free time with our six year old dog Shelby, taking walks, visiting the local lakes, attending concerts or the weekend car show. We have always worked hard, but most importantly spend every chance we get with our close family and friends or just relaxing at home together. We always knew we wanted a big family, but the journey of doing so has not been easy. Over the last several years, we have suffered too many unexplained miscarriages. When you are going through something so terrible, in which very few people understand, all you want to do is blame yourself. However, you realize you never know what God has planned for you and we believe our journey was God telling us we are meant to grow our family in a different way....through adoption. You can never ever give up hope that your dreams will come true one day and to get us through the trying times we absolutely need to rely on the love and support we have in our life. We have learned so much through this journey, about ourselves and about what it truly means to be partners in life. We are stronger because of it! We continue to hope that our dream will come true AND hopefully you find us to be the parents you are looking for. We admire the courage and strength you have shown in considering adoption for your child. We know its the most important decision you will ever make and you need to find the perfect family. Our hope in you reviewing our profile, it will only help you understand our life. We truly believe in our hearts that you will find the perfect family that fits what you are looking for. And, should you choose us, we will love, support and cherish your child and never forget the sacrifices you made in order to provide the best life for your baby.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Madison Heights
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:Shelby the Labradoodle
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Our marriage is based on honesty, trust and respect. We celebrate our individualism and are always each others best friend. We make sure our life has balance where we work hard during the day, but when we are home, we are home dedicated to our time as a family. Our relationship is based on 'being there'. We are always there for each other and will always be there for our future children. Our promise as Parents: - We will encourage with SMILES, HUGS and LAUGHTER - We will always BE THERE no matter what - We will PRAISE our child in all of their efforts and accomplishments - We will ENCOURAGE our child to be true to themselves by continuously building confidence, natural talents and self-esteem - We will have POSITIVE uplifting conversations - We will SUPPORT with encouragement - We will CELEBRATE milestones and achievements - And most importantly we will always show them the LOVE they deserve

About Garth


More About Garth

Garth has the biggest heart! He is always making sure everyone is taken care of. Because of this, I know he will do whatever it takes to make sure our children have what they need every day of their life. He will always be there at every soccer game or dance recital. He is also a big kid and a bit of a goofball at times. He is always making me laugh with his goofiness and he will be a Dad on the floor playing Lego's and doing cannon balls in the pool. A little more about Garth: "I was raised by both parents. Early in their marriage they also had their own challenges starting a family and ended up having me and my sister much later in life then they may had originally planned. That has been a blessing, as I feel I was brought up with old fashioned values and its a big part of who I am today. My sister is four years older then me and has been married for fifteen years so I feel like I also have a big brother." "I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, OH and lived there, in the same house, until I went to college. My Grandparents lived on the next street and my sister and I would ride our bikes to their home any chance we got. I grew up in a very loving household and my parents made very effort to support me and my sister in all our passions. They attended every sporting event and always seemed to find time to put us first. My parents also instilled the importance of hard work and to shoot for our dreams." Favorite Quotes: "If you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably right" - Henry Ford "Do Something. Lead, Follow or Get out of the way" - General George Patton

About Jennifer


More About Jennifer

From the first time I saw Jen with her niece and nephew, it was apparent she has an amazing talent with children. Jen has the ability to slowdown what is going on around her and care for a child's needs with the utmost patience. Jen cares about the diet we both live on and has a strong belief that nutrition plays a big part of a child's care and growth. A little more about Jennifer: "I was raised by both of my parents, but they later divorced when I was sixteen. Coming from a very large family, growing up I was very close to my grandparents. I have a younger brother who married his high school sweetheart so I feel like I have a younger sister too. They have a son and daughter who call me Aunt Jennie." "I grew up in a very rural town in Michigan. Right around the corner from my grandparents who I visited regularly. Growing up in the country (I mean, dirt road and all), I grew up having small town values with big city dreams." Favorite Quote: "You are braver then you believe, stronger then you seem and smarter then you think" - Winnie the Pooh

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