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Kaveh and Jenny

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Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family.  We understand the decision you are making for your child is not easy, and we are praying that God will lead you and give you comfort on this journey.  If we are entrusted to love and raise your child, he or she will be told of the courageous sacrifice you made, and that it was out of a deep unconditional love for them that you chose adoption.  We want you to know that we have been praying for you and this child and will always continue to do so.  We pray that He gives you guidance and peace as you go through this process.

Our Story: 
We met in college on the first day of a new semester.  God’s timing was perfect in bringing us together because we happened to sit right next to each other in a 300 person lecture hall.  We recognized each other because we both were involved in a Christian organization on campus and had some mutual friends.  Kaveh still jokes that on the next day of class he had to do the “walk of shame” in front of the lecture hall to get a seat next to Jenny.  Two and a half years later we were married. It’s been an amazing journey so far and we’re excited for the next chapter!

Jenny introduces Kaveh:  

I can honestly say I am married to my best friend.  He is a man of integrity, and always strives to be the best father and husband he can be through Christ’s strength.  Every person he meets automatically likes him because he’s so approachable and genuine.  He makes me laugh every day.  Sometimes when we finish a movie, he will break out into a dance to the movie credit song just to make me laugh.  He loves to be social, and always makes others feel welcome and appreciated.  He loves all sports, but especially loves playing soccer; he has also practiced marital arts.  He works hard as a Management Supervisor at an advertising firm to provide for our family, but he also strongly values family time as well. Kaveh loves the Lord and shows it in the way he lives his life.  I’m truly blessed to be his wife.

Kaveh introduces Jenny: 

I wish I could download all of my knowledge, feelings, and thoughts about my wife so you can fully understand how wonderful she is.  Jenny’s kind heart, crafted by her love of Jesus, guides her life. She continues to captivate me with her personality through not only great times of joy, but also through challenges. She can crack you up with a quick witted joke.  She loves to travel together and values family traditions like going apple picking in the fall and decorating the Christmas tree together.  She loves to bake, and is famous for her s’more cookies.  Anyone can see she loves being a mom by the way she cares for our son.  She goes above and beyond with him, and will do things like taking him to a toddler music class, teaching him how to swim, and going on play dates with other kids his age.  I am honored to be able to call her my wife and am blessed to have her stay at home to nurture the growth and well being of our son.

Why Adoption? 
As long as we can remember, we have always wanted to be parents.  But it was harder to turn that dream into reality than expected.  After two devastating miscarriages, we finally became pregnant with our son.  Towards the end of pregnancy,  Jenny was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome and had to be induced right away.  Thankfully we caught it in time and Jenny and our son were okay.  But because of the pregnancy complications, it wouldn’t be safe for Jenny or a potential baby to get pregnant again.  After praying and asking God to guide us to the right path for our family, we are confident that He is leading us to adopt a child.  We have always talked about having two kids, so we are really excited to be growing our family in this way.  We are ready to fully embrace the next child God has for us as a part of our family.

Thank you for considering our family and we will continue to keep you in our prayers through this difficult decision process.  May God give you peace and comfort in each step you take!

Facts About Our Family

Location:Madison Heights
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