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Ryan and Rebecca

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We are Ryan and Rebecca! We’ve been married for 14 years and Asher joined our family in 2015. We’ve always wanted to adopt a child as Ryan was adopted as an infant and was so thankful that his birth parents made the hard, loving choice to place a child for adoption in order for him to have more than what they could give at the time. We’re excited and humbled to add to our family through this option.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Grand Rapids
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:10
Pets:Two cats: Lola and Yoda, and two fish tanks
Neighborhood: Suburban

More About Our Family

We love to travel, spend time with our extended families and just be together. We've been together since college and married 14 years ago. We waited 10 years to have a biological child. We always wanted to have a child together, then add to our family through adoption. We're so excited to give Asher a sibling, and he's excited to be a big brother to whoever God puts in our life!

About Ryan


More About Ryan

Ryan is such a loving and creative person. He’s always creating something and loves to paint, play board games and just anything that allows him to use his creative side. He loves to do projects around the house. He also loves to teach people to scuba dive, a hobby he’s been doing since he was 16. Ryan has wanted to be a dad all his life and he's proven to be an amazing dad to Asher and also a great husband. Ryan was adopted when he was 10 weeks old in a closed adoption. He's so thankful that his birth parents loved him so much that they made the difficult decision to place him for adoption. He's wanted to adopt a child as long as I've known him and I know that he will be an amazing dad to our next child as well.

About Rebecca


More About Rebecca

Rebecca is very family oriented. Though she wasn't sure at first if she wanted to be a mother, she's a very good one. She takes care of this little family with determination and loves me and Asher by keeping this little family machine ticking. She's dedicated to her career as a technician for a local eye doctor. She was homeschooled with her 4 siblings and usually jumps at the chance to see her brother and sisters (whom she is very close with) whenever she can. College football and basketball are her sports of choice and devotedly follows the seasons of the University of Michigan teams (also the Lions, but she won't admit to being a "fan"). She enjoys running and was a fantastic high school basketball player. She's well known for her pancakes, chocolate chip and no-bake cookies. Now that she knows what motherhood is like, she is looking forward to extending her great mom skills to a second kiddo!

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