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Tim and Jennifer

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We are deeply honored you are considering including our family as part of your life journey, and giving us the gift of adopting this child. While we may be starting to learn about each other right now, we can say with certainty you are brave and strong. We can also say we will love this child unconditionally and respect them for all that they are, while honoring your courageous strength. We pledge to raise this child in a home filled with laughter and hugs, summer days at the park, winter mornings snuggled with a good book or on the hill snowboarding, Christmas cookie baking, school library trips, and most importantly endless love and affection. Our hearts have been praying for you and this child. We are excited to begin this journey together, learning about each other, and providing a warm, safe, and loving home for this child. We hope our family profile will give you a glimpse into our hearts, home, family, and community. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for considering us and hope to learn more about you. Tim, Jennifer, and Lydia

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:1
Pets:Zoey - Boxer/Dane mix (Dog)
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

Our story starts where we first met in a volleyball class our sophomore year in college, little did we know that this was the beginning of our love story. Shortly after graduating we married and focused on our professional lives, being newlyweds, and getting to know each other more deeply. After having both started our Masters degrees it was time to start our family and we were blessed with Lydia who was born to us in 2007 and fills our home with love and joy. We started to settle in as a family of three and get used to life and parenting. Working on our careers, finishing both of our degrees and raising Lydia was our focus for several years. We then were ready to start expanding our family, over the course of the next three years we tried again and again and sought medical assistance but continued to experience great loss. Our hearts desire to expand our family and share love, laughter, and tears with a child. Our family is not complete and we know God has an amazing little kiddo waiting for us to share our hearts with.

About Tim


More About Tim

Tim grew up in South Eastern Michigan in a family of 4, and was challenged to be the best he could be. He completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees and is currently work in the tech industry as a senior adviser helping the company improve its products and services. If you talk to Tim he would let you know he enjoys spending time outside of work with his family and friends. Whether it is snowboarding with our daughter, Lydia, watching her soccer games, game nights with his Men's group from church, or enjoying our local hockey, baseball, or minor league soccer teams. He enjoys being in the community and works to get out and about, being with others, and enjoying the many opportunities our region provides. ~ FAVORITES ~ Food: Chinese Beverage: coffee Holiday: Thanksgiving Children's movie: Incredibles Music: Christian Movie type: Comedy Activity: Snowboarding

About Jennifer


More About Jennifer

Jennifer grew up in southern Ohio in a family of 4, and was always encouraged to follow her dreams. This is exactly what she did as she made her way to Michigan to pursue her dream of Professional Counseling. Long story short, she is now a licensed therapist, specializing in trauma & grief & works with the refugee population. She also enjoys experiencing life rather than just living it. When not working, she is actively spending time with family & friends, attending sporting events, concerts/plays/musicals, scrapbooking, crafting, experimenting with new recipes, traveling, reading, & of course "tagging" along after our daughter & her busy social life. Together, she enjoys exploring the world with our family, but also loves chilling at home to a good movie & cuddles with Zoey, our 4 legged child. God has blessed us richly & our heart prays continuously for the chance to share our love. ~ FAVORITES ~ Food: Lasagna Dessert: Cheese cake Color: Green Holiday: Thanksgiving Children's movie: Beauty and the Beast Music: Pop Movie type: Action or Comedy Activity: Laughing

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