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Tore and Amber

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Dear expectant parent(s),

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as you seek the right family for your child. We admire your strength and courage in the consideration of an adoption and pray for you and baby daily as you journey through this decision making process.

About us:

The two of us met through a mutual friend in High School when we were both 18 years old. Our relationship continued through college where we dated long distance for one year at separate schools. After college, Tore became employed as a software engineer while Amber continued her education in graduate school, where she earned her Masters degree in Social Work. It was at this time (after completing school) that we became engaged. After more than 8 years of marriage we have been blessed with two little girls: Adelyn and Harper.  Being parents is one of our greatest joys. We make it our priority to spend time together as a family as well as plan fun activities that we all enjoy. After our oldest daughter was born, Amber became a stay at home mother. It has always been our desire to grow our family. The decision to adopt has always been one that has been heavy on our hearts since the beginning of our marriage. It is our desire, after much thought and prayer, to open our hearts and home to another child through adoption.

Why I love Amber

My wife Amber is an awesome wife and mother. She is caring, nurturing, honest and loving.  Amber has been my best friend for over a decade. She is always there for me when I need her and is always available to lend a listening ear. She is able to give thoughtful advice while also being respectfully honest. She is an active and involved mother and continually amazes me in how selfless she is in her commitment to being a wife and mother. I am so thankful that God brought Amber into my life. I love her with all of my heart and am so excited to see what God has in store for us in this life!

Why I love Tore

Tore could best be described as being kind, gentle, patient and caring. He is my best friend with the best sense of humor and personality. He has always been a thoughtful, loving husband who puts his family first. Tore has been my greatest teacher and influence in pushing me to continue to personally grow and develop into a better person. Tore is a hands on father and has no problem playing Barbie’s or having a princess tea party with our daughters. Our girls love their father and always look forward to when he is home from work to play with him. I’m so thankful that they have such a strong role model. I’m so thankful to God for bringing Tore into my life.

 Our Kids

We have two daughters, Adelyn (4.5) and Harper (1.5). Adelyn is a sweet and gentle little girl. She loves playing dress up and Barbie’s. Adelyn loves to learn new things and is always open to having a new adventure. She enjoys attending music and dance class and has a passion for gymnastics. Harper is an energetic, fun girl. She loves her big sister and will happily follow her everywhere. Harper loves going to music class and finding bugs outside.

Facts About Our Family

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