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Tyler and Lauren

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It is not easy to compress all of the experiences in our lives and the love we have to give in one short summary, but here is a bit of relevant information about ourselves: we both work in a high school, Tyler as an English teacher and coach and Lauren as a school counselor and leader of cultural exchange trips overseas. We both come from mid-sized, worldly, active, and loving families who are very much personal, positive parts of our daily lives. We have two intelligent, kind, beautiful, energetic, and humorous daughters, and they bring light and life to our lives each and every day: Quinn, our ten-year-old, is with us for shared parenting time (our daughter from Tyler’s previous marriage); and Brielle, our one-year-old, was welcomed into our family over a year ago through adoption. As for Lauren’s life journey leading to this letter, she has known since the age of 13 that she is medically unable to bear children. Because of that, we have always known that adoption was in our future, and we have embraced that reality. Our goal has been to create a family that has the similarly beautiful energy, love, and sibling relationships that both of us experienced while growing up. We are very fortunate to have a positive relationship with Brielle’s birth family as well, and that only adds to the love that encompasses our family and our children. Overall, we consider ourselves kind, down-to-earth, active, generous, religious, open-minded, and humorous (we think?) individuals. We love to travel, love to learn, and love to experience and immerse ourselves in other cultures. Above all, we love to watch our daughters grow, and we love to nurture and help others. We certainly are incredibly excited to do the same with another beloved child in our lives.

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About Tyler


More About Tyler

Tyler is an incredibly active, ambitious, loving, intelligent, funny, and hard-working man. He is a very helpful and attentive partner at home and a wonderful father to Quinn and Brielle. I'd say that his favorite thing is the world is being a dad to Quinn and Brielle, and it shows in the way he nurtures them, makes them laugh, and spends his time actively participating in their lives. We all love spending quality time together, whether it is playing board games, being active outdoors, learning new things, reflecting on our experiences, watching movies, or traveling. Outside of the home, Tyler has a passion for teaching and coaching. Tyler invests deeply in the people in his life, and this also includes his students and his student-athletes. He leads by example and knows that in order for him to "talk the talk" he must first "walk the walk". I'm amazed at all of the things Tyler does for others and the time and energy he invests in them, and I know I am so fortunate to have this man in my life. Tyler has been my rock through the adoption process (first leading up to our adoption of Brielle and now, as we hope to welcome another child into our family), which can have many ups and downs, and I'm so incredibly blessed to have a partner that would willingly and happily go on this journey with me. I really love this man and know that any child who becomes part of our family will as well!

About Lauren


More About Lauren

Lauren ranks up there as one of the most all-around amazing human beings I have ever known. Her impeccable role as a mother and step-mother only paint part of the picture, but I will start there. Lauren amazes me each and every single day with the love, care, and guidance she showcases as a parent: she's soft and yet firm as needed, she's fun and yet structured as needed, and she's energetic and yet restrained as needed. Above all else, Lauren does what the best mothers out there do and have always done--she always makes children her first priority. As mentioned, there's certainly more to Lauren's impressiveness. Lauren is a lover of learning ANY "new" things; she has a constant thirst for new skills, new experiences, new perspectives, new information, new domains to explore. All the while, Lauren immensely enjoys family time, family traditions, physical activity, the outdoors, her friends, her job as a school counselor, and our lovely, inviting home. She truly is a well-rounded individual with loads of love to constantly share. The next child that we are blessed to adopt will be even more blessed to have Lauren as a mother!

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