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Iain and Melissa

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We are excited about the opportunity to connect with you. It’s difficult to put into words how much the decision you have made means to us. This is an incredible gift and something we are so deeply moved by. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child into our lives. Thank you for making the decision to give life to your child. We are praying for you and your child and excited to meet you.

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:Ilsa, German Shepherd
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

We are a young couple who loves spending time together and with our dog Ilsa. We enjoy walks, bike rides, camping and cooking together. We are close with our families and deeply value our time with them and with our friends. We met through Iain’s sister who was friends with Melissa and quickly hit it off. We dated for a few months and quickly realized we wanted to get married. We have been married for over six years now and have struggled to start a family. Through our struggle we feel that God has led us to adopt. It has been a significant change in perspective for us and God has used this process to build our trust in him. We are excited about the adventure of adoption and the blessings it will bring.

About Iain


More About Iain

Iain is loyal, passionate and outgoing. Relationships are very important to him; he enjoys spending time with family and friends and getting to know people on a deeper level. As an IT Systems Engineer, he works hard and is continually learning new things. He loves learning and will often talk about what he's learning. In his spare time, he can often be found flying a plane on his flight simulator, tinkering with technology or anything with a small engine, playing with our dog, playing a game on his computer or researching about one of his hobbies.

About Melissa


More About Melissa

Melissa works as an administrative assistant. She is a good planner and is very detail oriented. She is soft spoken and easy going. A natural homemaker who enjoys cooking, baking and entertaining for friends and family. She loves her family deeply and enjoys spending time with them. She is a comforter and nurturer who is tenderhearted and caring. She loves creating a welcoming home for friends and family to relax and have fun. In her free time she enjoys walks with our dog, sewing, home design, and crafts.

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