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Brandon and Amanda

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God is a big God. We don’t have enough words for us to express His might, power, grace, patience, understanding, and love.

We’ve prayed for our children by name for years. We never knew when they would come into our lives, but we felt God’s call to start praying for their lives early on. We have prayed that they would be healthy, happy, that they would be able to have beautiful relationships in their lives, that we would be the parents they deserve, and that most of all, they would find a forever relationship with Jesus and would come to know, love, and follow Him. Through prayer over the past six years, we knew if we ever had a son, his name would be Parker and if we had a daughter, her name would be Allyson. We don’t know them yet, and we don’t know who will come into our lives one day, but in faith we pray.

The infertility doctors told us there was a less than 10% chance for us to get pregnant after years of trying. For a lot of couples, that would be a breaking point for them, but Jesus holds our marriage together and our love is based in His love for us. We are committed to each other, no matter what happens.

We know God is telling us to start our family through adoption. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel and how Jesus adopted us into His family and has made a way for you to be a part of His forever family too through His son, Jesus, and the relationship He wants to have with you more than anything.

We are honored and humbled you would even consider us to be your baby’s next mom and dad. Know we won’t be perfect parents, but there will not be a day that goes by that your child is not treasured, loved, cared for, read to, snuggled with, tickled, prayed for, or cherished. They will always know your love for them and the most precious gift you gave them through adoption.

We pray for you each day. We’ve prayed that God would keep you safe, let you know you’re loved, provide for your every need, give you His strength and peace, and help you know you’re not alone as you face the bravest decision you could ever make as you consider adoption for your little one. No matter what happens, know you are treasured, valued, full of worth, cared for, constantly loved, and constantly prayed for.

You are our superhero. Always.

Brandon + Amanda

PS - We really hope you enjoy our profile book—remember to take a puzzle piece. We have one too and so do several of our closest friends and family as a reminder to pray for you and your little one every day.




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