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Mike and Anna

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Dear friend,

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family as you prepare to make the difficult decision of who will parent your child or children.  We want you to know first that we are praying for you and your child during this time.  We hope that you are able to find a family who will love and nurture your child, one who brings you peace through this process. 

Our names are Mike, Anna, Peter (5), and Seth (3).  We live in a modest 4 bedroom home in a Midwestern suburban town.  We met at a small Christian college where Mike earned a degree in IT and joined the Air Force and Anna completed her nursing degree.  In this short letter, we desire to give you a glimpse of who we are through five things that are important to us: faith, family, fun, lifelong learning, and a healthy lifestyle.

Faith is first in the list of things important to us, because we know that without Jesus, we have nothing.  In everything we do our hearts are to serve those around us and to teach people about Christ: whether at home, at work, with other moms at a park, or with our church’s youth.  At home, many of our decorations, books, and routines are intentionally centered around Christ.  We read a Bible story with our boys every night, encourage them to pray for friends and family, and then pray over them before they go to sleep.  Our church family supports us and challenges us weekly to love each other and the community in response to Jesus’s love for us.

Family is second on the list, both our immediate and extended.  Anna has been particularly close to her mom and two older sisters since her dad passed 4 years ago.  We visit several times a year and often travel to the annual 100+ person family Christmas party.  Peter & Seth love playing with their cousins!  Mike has two younger sisters, each married with two kids.  Though we don’t see Mike’s family often due to distance, technology has kept us in great contact.

Fun in our family comes in many forms.  When Mike gets home there are often squeals of delight as the boys pull him into their super hero adventures.  The boys love playing Uno and Monopoly Jr.  Mike enjoys more complicated games, but will settle for about anything Anna will play with him.  As a family we also love the outdoors.  Whether it is camping in our back yard, riding bikes, or going on a zip-line tour, the air is always refreshing.  We also love to travel.  Mike’s family lived in Europe for a number of years, so we had a great excuse to see that part of the world.  Today, our goal is a special vacation every two years to see something new.

Lifelong learning comes from a desire to explore this world God created! We really value developing our minds and curiosity.  Traditional education and books are ways we do that. But we also use adventures and experiences to develop a love for learning through questions and discovery.  Talking about gills when the boys pull a fish out of a pond.  Talking about airplane engines on our way to Disney.  Growing caterpillars, watching the metamorphosis, and then seeing the butterfly’s little tongue slurp juice out of watermelon.  Lifelong, hands-on learning.

Similar to lifelong learning, health and fitness are built into everyday life.  As Christians, we believe it is our responsibility to care for our bodies to ensure we are able to serve God and the community around us.  We still sneak in Pizza Fridays and occasional ice cream, but fruit, lean meat, and home-made granola are staples.  As a family, we enjoy hiking and random activities like ice skating and bowling.  Mike enjoys running and biking, and on warm days, Anna and the boys enjoy walks to the park.  We also love to play soccer in the yard and visit the local pool.

Finally, we want to answer the question, “Why, if we already have two kids, are we looking to adopt?”  Since before we got married, we have both had a desire to include adoption as part of our family story.  Through adoption we see great opportunity to meet the needs of a precious child, while showing love and compassion toward a birth family in difficult times.  Just as we were about to start the adoption process, we found out we were pregnant.  We had 3 miscarriages over the next 18 months.  Those were hard times... but times of growth, and times of clinging together and to God for support and stability.  As we walked through that season, and looked back to our commitment to adopt, two passages of scripture were renewed in our minds: God’s call upon us to trust him when life doesn’t make sense (Proverbs 3:5-6) and Isaiah’s enthusiasm to bring God’s message of love and redemption (Isaiah 6:8).

We hope you saw in this letter a bit of who we are.  We pray that you will find the right set of parents to love and nurture your child.  If that is us, we look forward to celebrating how God created them, the unique story of where they came from, and loving them unconditionally.  We will be praying for you.  

With love and hope,

Mike, Anna, Peter, and Seth

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