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Jeffrey and Valerie

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We’re Valerie and Jeff!   We would like to thank you for taking the time to watch our video!  It is our hope that you were able to get a sense of who we are and what life looks like in our family!  We hope that you can see that we have built a life based on love, respect, and most of all fun.  We would be honored to share this amazing journey with another child through the gift of adoption. 

Our Story:  Valerie and Jeff met while out with a group of friends!  We have accomplished great things in the ten years that we have been married! We have purchased our dream home, welcomed our daughter Addison and have built a beautiful life that we are so proud and excited to share. We love to spend time traveling, cooking together as a family, playing games in the yard, and celebrating all life’s joys with family and friends.  We love being in each other’s company and live to spend time with our daughter Addison.  

Addison just turned five and brings so much happiness into our lives.  She is the sweetest little girl who has so much love to give and we truly cannot imagine our lives without her.  She is kind, thoughtful, funny, athletic, and smart.  She can always be found elbow deep in an art project and loves to make surprises for those she loves.  She participates in many different activities including swim lessons, ballet, t-ball, soccer and so much more.  She cannot wait to be a big sister and we just know she will be fantastic in this role!

We would not be who we are today without the unwavering support of our family and friends.  We hit the jackpot when it came to both.  Both our families live close by and are active participants in our lives. 

Valerie has three brothers, three sisters-in- laws and a bunch of nieces and nephews.  The bond between Valerie and her siblings is something we pray Addison will be lucky enough to enjoy in the future.  Valerie’s parents both help with childcare when Jeff and Valerie at work and the bond between Addy and her grandparents is beautiful to see!

Jeff grew up as an only child but was blessed with cousins and best friends who took the place of siblings.  Addison has a lovely relationship with both Jeff’s parents and enjoys spending time with them as well.  We also enjoy vacationing with Jeff’s cousins, most recently to Disney World.   We truly have been blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people!

About Valerie:  Valerie works in education.  After graduating from college, she began her career as a preschool teacher.  She was in the classroom for 10 years before becoming a behavioral intervention specialist for her school district.  Three years ago, she fulfilled a long time dream of becoming the principal of her school.  Working in education has afforded her the opportunity to work and raise a family while enjoying weekends, holidays and summers off.  Although she loves her job, being a mother is her passion!  According to Jeff, “Valerie is warm, nurturing and an amazing mother.  Her family is her whole world and she does a wonderful job taking care of us.  She is selfless!”

About Jeff:  At a very early age, Jeff decided he wanted to help others in his community.  After working for a short time after high school, he was accepted into the NJ Police Academy and became a police officer.  Jeff has been serving the community for over 20 years and works in the Community Policing Division.  He has a flexible schedule that allows him to drop Addy off to school and to spend time with our family.  According to Valerie, what she loves most about Jeff is “his innate ability to make people smile, even in their darkest hour.  Not only has this made him good at his job but it has made him an AMAZING father.”

Together, we have so much love to give!  If chosen, we would provide your child with love, affection, positive life experiences, opportunities to see the world, and we would support them in all they do.  We will instill the importance of education and ensure your child knows that with hard work they can be anything they want to be!  We promise that your child will grow up in a home that has been built on love, laughter and acceptance.  We live every day in a way that allows us to be the best possible parents we can be and take this role very seriously.  He or she, along with Addison, will be the most important people in our lives.  We will love, support and guide him or her in all that they do. Your child will be welcomed into a large, loving family who absolutely cannot wait to meet them!

We know that this is a difficult time for you and pray God provides you strength, comfort, and peace.

All the best,

Valerie and Jeff

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State:New Jersey
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