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Joe and Cindy

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We are Joe and Cindy and we’re so thankful to you for considering us as parents for your baby.  We hope that by sharing a bit about us you’ll get a sense of what your baby’s life would be like, with us as mom and dad.

We love children and would so truly love to have our own family to love, raise, laugh with, and support. Cindy has always loved being around children, this is the root of her happiness and she's worked in education for almost 20 years.  She works directly with preschool teachers to ensure that each and every one of those little people receives the best possible care and quality education they can get.  She's extremely passionate about the well-being of children in general.

Joe loves spending any extra time he has, with his nieces and nephews. He likes to schedule his week around any sporting or theatrical events they might be participating in.  He lives for this stuff because he's such a proud uncle.

As you can see we feel strongly about education, care, activity, fun, and above all family.  We have every intention of providing the best possible life for your baby, should you choose us to be your baby's mom and dad.

Something else we'd like you to know, Cindy's job is family friendly.  She has the ability to take an extended amount of time off to stay home with the baby and she's off all summer long.  Beyond that, both sets of grandparents (in their 60’s, so they're still energetic enough to handle the activity) are ready and waiting excitedly for their opportunity to care for and spoil a new member of the family.

Although we don't know you, we do know one thing, that you're courageous and generous for thinking of your baby's future and wanting what's best for you baby.  We can't imagine what it's like to be faced with this decision and we hope that you'll be surrounded by good people to help you make it.

Ever so sincerely,
Joe and Cindy

Facts About Our Family

Placement Status:Placement
Location:Fair Lawn
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
State:New Jersey
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