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Rocco and Jaime

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Dear Birthparent(s)

Our names are Rocco and Jaime.  We would like to begin by telling you how much we appreciate you taking the time to read our profile.  We cannot imagine the strength and courage it must take to make the decision that you are considering.  We know that whatever path you choose for your baby, it is with a loving heart and wish for the best life possible.

We both grew up in New Jersey.  Rocco has two older sisters and a younger brother.  He has two nieces and a nephew who we adore and love spending time with.  Rocco has always loved music and played trumpet in the marching band in high school and continued to play during his college years.

Jaime is the oldest of three and has a younger sister and brother.  She is a sports fan especially baseball.  Her favorite team is the Yankees.  Jaime probably knows more about sports than Rocco, but she is teaching him along the way.

We met online in the summer of 2002 and chatted for awhile before we actually went out on a date.   We dated for several years before getting engaged and then married in 2008.  We purchased our home in the town where Jaime grew up. We learned over time how much we had in common including that we were both visually impaired.  Although Rocco’s vision is worse than Jaime’s, we do not let it stop us from living an active lifestyle.  We go to baseball games, Broadway shows, different types of concerts, museums, the movies and on vacations including to our favorite place Walt Disney World.  We cannot wait to have a child of our own to take to Disney.   We both have good jobs, but Jaime plans to leave hers once we adopt a child.

We truly believe that children are a gift from God.  They fill people’s lives with endless joy and happiness.  We dream of adopting a child who we can inspire, cherish and love.  We would give our child a normal, happy childhood.  We would teach him or her to appreciate music, love baseball and to enjoy the arts.  We would take our child to different places to learn about the history of our country and the different cultures that make it so diverse.  Most importantly, we would raise our child with good values, self respect, and a love for God.

Once again, we would like to thank you for reading our letter.  We know that this is a very difficult time for you and wish you all the best in whatever path you choose for you and your child. 

May God bless you,
Rocco & Jaime

Facts About Our Family

Location:Fair Lawn
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
State:New Jersey
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