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Steven and Maria

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Hello! We are Steve & Maria, and we would love to invite you into our lives. Adoption has always been part of our life plan. Maria’s brother was adopted and our whole family is excitedly waiting with unconditional love and a lifetime of BIG family memories ahead. There is nothing we would love more than to welcome a child into our life, to travel as a family, plan special theme parties for his or her birthday, and to giggle in the kitchen while we lovingly prepare whatever his or her favorite food is! We hope you will turn the page to learn more about us–and if it is your wish when you are done- we would love to hear more about your hopes for the future.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Fair Lawn
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
State:New Jersey
# of Pets:2
Pets:Maya & Sophie - Maya is a Mini Goldendoodle, she is the most loving dog we could ask for, she loves belly rubs, long naps and walks. Sophie is a Toy Poodle, she is very smart and loves laying with her sister. They are very good with kids and sociable.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Steve’s mom is loving & kind, she loves children and she’s always there for us. She loves traveling with us and cooking delicious meals for all her family. Steve’s dad was Steve’s best friend & the funniest man on earth. Though he passed away in 2011 the impact of what a great example he was as a dad will make Steve a better father. Maria’s mom is a sweetheart, no matter what happens in life she’s always smiling and bringing light & positiveness to our lives. Maria’s dad is the best! He’s very smart, kind & loving. He taught her that with hard work & dedication she can do whatever she wants to. Maria’s brother was adopted and joined our family when he was a baby,"I remember the day he came to our house as it was yesterday. I was so happy for having a little brother. I remember getting into his crib, I hugged him and kissed him and said: I will always love you and protect you. And it has been like that for 30 years. Our family was blessed, God shared with us the most beautiful gift you can ask for. I’m so proud of him, he has grown and become a good young man, generous, kind, with a big heart. I love my little brother."

About Steven


More About Steven

Steve is the strongest person I ever met; he has overcome so many hardships, keeping his good spirit. He is joyful, caring and enthusiastic. He loves kids and I know he will be a great dad. He has been a Jersey boy his whole life. I admire his dedication to protecting and supporting our family. Any time our dogs or I am sick, he does the impossible to make us feel better. He is very handy and is always working around the house to ensure that we are comfortable and safe. Steve lives his life putting people first. He will always put the quality of our lives, and those around us before material things–I love that about him! He is truly the type of person that prefers to get home early to spend time with his family, rather than working late hours for a slightly larger paycheck. Steve will be a great dad that always makes time for the child we hope to welcome! Steve works for a pharmaceutical company, his office is 2 miles away from home, giving him the flexibility he wants, to be there for his family. He is looking forward to reading bedtime stories to the child we welcome, tucking them in at night, and playing in the backyard with him or her and our doggies. He will always be there for their sporting events, or any other school activities they may be interested in. He will be a caring & attentive dad. 3 facts about him: He loves video games. He is a movie collector He loves volleyball

About Maria


More About Maria

Maria is a kind, loving, supporting partner, who shows and shares as much of her love and nurturing with others as she can! She was born and raised in Costa Rica, and moved to New Jersey when we got married. She enjoys hand- crafts, puzzles and coloring books. I can just imagine her patiently crafting and coloring with the child we welcome. She also enjoys experimenting new food recipes and I love her special Sunday pancakes, they are the best! She is a big hearted and compassionate person. When a person is in need, she is always the first one there to help and support them as much as she can. She will provide endless & loving support as a Mom. Maria is a Financial Manager & works for a great Financial company. Maria has a lot of job flexibility and is able to work from home. She has always wanted to be able to be there for the child we welcome, creating special memories & being there for all the little moments. For the seldom days she needs to go to her office, we have found a great Daycare with so much to offer for our child to socialize, learn new things and have fun. 3 facts about Maria: She loves photography. She likes to watch Korean TV shows and K-pop, even if she doesn’t speak Korean. She’s always looking for new creative activities.

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