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Dear Birth Mother,

The time has come to fulfill a promise and I would like to thank you for considering me as a potential father for your child.  The only lasting dream from my childhood has been to be a loving father to my children much like mine was and still is to me.  The realization of my dreams occurred with a promise to God that whether I was blessed us with a child of my own, I would adopt and teach my new child about Him.  Much like I promised God to accept a child that wasn’t biologically my own I am promising you that your child will be accepted into our family as if they were my own.  This wonderful child will be loved, taught to love and worship God, learn about patriotism, and have every opportunity I can possibly give them to aid in their development.  

My children are able to receive my undivided attention since I have entered retirement at a very early age and have remained completely financially independent for 34 out of 36 years of life.  I have served my country in the Marines and the Army deploying twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  

We love to travel; I have been to 13 countries, 24 states, 4 US territories, swam in 2 oceans, a sea, and a gulf.  Many more trips are in our future.  We love to hike, camp, and go fishing. 

Though our family is small we have a lot of love to give.  Your child will know that there is a biological mother out there that loves them so very much despite this difficult choice you have had to make.  My son Isaac cannot wait to meet his new brother or sister.  He is learning everything he can in school so that he will be able to teach them and is already anticipating their arrival. He cannot wait to show them the trails that he helped cut on our 28 acre home site and introduce them to his two doggies and kitten.  Our humble home and family invites your child into it with loving and open arms.

Sending you with God’s love,
Anthony & Isaac

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