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Jeff and Jeanette

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Dear Expectant Parent(s):

We obviously don’t know each other yet, but we hope we get the opportunity to meet. You are looking to give your baby the best possible future, and we are looking to share our life and love with a child. Maybe we should get acquainted?

Jeanette and I met in 2014. She is funny and beautiful, and I fell in love immediately. We talked about important things on our first date – whether we wanted to find the right person and get married some day (something we were obviously both interested in), whether we could be with a partner who likes the wrong sports team (we can), and whether we love roller coasters (I stretched the truth and said I did). Every time we go to the Great Escape, Jeanette reminds me of what I said that night. LOL.

We’d been dating for four or five months when Jeanette introduced me to her two children, Darien and Baileigh (they are now 13 and 12). We got married in Mexico on November 13, 2015, and the kids were a part of the wedding ceremony. I didn’t just marry Jeanette that day. I also became a dad to Darien and Baileigh.

We are unable to have a child together, but we have talked about raising a baby together since that first date. Becoming a father to Darien and Baileigh has changed my life. I no longer lie awake at night thinking about our business (Jeanette and I own a wedding photography business). I now think about how to help my kids enjoy their childhood and how I can teach them to be successful adults.

I have watched videos of Darien and Baileigh when they were toddlers, and I always get emotional. I wish I’d been in their lives when they were babies. Jeanette, meanwhile, did most of the child raising on her own. She was mom and dad. There is nothing we want more than to raise a baby together.

The baby who joins our family will be loved. We believe that, after God, family matters most. We do all the important things together. We eat dinner as a family every night, we go to church together every week, and we laugh together every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We’d love to meet with you to see if we are the right family for your baby.

Best wishes,

Jeff and Jeanette


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