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John and Denise

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

As you read this, we sincerely hope and pray that God leads you to a place of peace and comfort, knowing that as you face what is probably one of the most difficult times of your life, He does have a plan for you and for your child. You have already demonstrated an insurmountable amount of strength and courage as you chose life for your child when the pressures of society push for you to do otherwise.

Since the day we got married, we have had our own plans of what our future might look like: Our own house, having children, pets and lots of love. God's plan for us turned out to be somewhat different. We prayed a lot about it and felt that adoption was the door God was opening for us. This is where He wanted us to be, and we soon felt very blessed and excited for this new-found hope for a child through adoption. We felt our prayers had been answered and we were gifted in a much bigger way than we ever imagined. We were blessed with our daughter, Faith. We are now the Mommy and Daddy we hoped, prayed and cried for.

Denise's desire to become a mother was instilled in her through the loving relationship she had with her own mother. She aspired to be a great mother like her mom was. She was warm, loving and kind with a gentle spirit although she had a certain goofiness and unique quirky love for life, and more importantly love for her children & family that was deep. To be able to share this love with her own children is amazing and her heart yearns deeply for another child.

Raising Faith since birth has been the most amazing and awesome experience of our lives. Seeing the love Faith has in her, we both felt God put it on our hearts to expand our family. As eager and passionate as we both are to welcome a son or daughter into our lives, Faith is just as excited and eager. Everyday she asks, "where is my brother or sister?". We tell her we trust God for when He will bless us. She is four years old and is now including in her prayer at bedtime, "Thank you God for my future baby brother or sister". The great miracle of this will be for her to witness God's hand in our journey through adoption as a family.

About John (through Denise's eyes):
John is an amazing man, husband and now father. He is compassionate, genuinely warm, loving, thoughtful always, considerate of me, my feelings and of my needs. Of course he is also charming, playfully goofy and funny! From the day that he married me, he has lived his vows with true commitment and honor. In the beginning, John always stood by me and helped me support my sister and her needs as a single mom of three. Through the years, John babysat for our nieces, learned to sing silly songs, play games, lovingly console them in their bad moments as he also patiently quieted their temper tantrums. It is amazing to witness how God has used him in so many great ways throughout their lives in the past 20 years. Now I see how those experiences have helped prepare and mold him into the wonderful father he is to Faith and the father he will be to our future child. Faith melts his heart, and never more so than when she asks him where is her brother or sister. As John helps me to patiently wait for another child to grow our family, I am thankful as he takes me on this journey through adoption again which is a journey of Hope.

About Denise (through John's eyes):
Denise has a glow that lights up every room she enters. She is the most giving, loving and caring person I know. Her faith in Jesus is strong no matter what challenges she may be facing. My faith is stronger because of her, and I'm thankful God has used her in my life and now in the life of our daughter, Faith. Because of her, I am a better man. She truly is a one-of-a-kind person. I deeply admire the drive and determination she has. As a former Pre-K teacher, as a committed aunt, and now as a mother, she has a natural ability to connect with all children in such a loving and endearing way. If you were to watch her with our daughter, it would put a smile on your face as it does mine. God has richly blessed her with a heart full of love so she can be the greatest "mommy" she has always wanted to be. Now I see her in a whole new light as I have witnessed her being a mother to our daughter who is strong, loving, joyful, full-of-life kind of person...being the mommy she was created to be which brings out the best in her and now the best in Faith. I know her heart can't wait to have another child, and I only wish I could make it happen faster for her.

Thank you for looking at a little glimpse of our lives. We will be praying for you as you seek to do what is best for you and your baby. We know that your decision will require a lot of soul searching and prayer. Jeremiah 29:11 says, " For I know the plan I have for you", declares the Lord, " Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." There is great joy in this truth, and as we read this verse often, it is our desire that you find God's grace and peace in the days ahead.

John and Denise

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