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Mayobane and Jelitsa

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Dear Birthparents,

We hope to find you well. First and foremost, we admire you and do not take for granted nor belittle a brave and selfless act.  We believe it is an honor and privilege for someone to entrust their most important and dearest possession, their child with someone else.

We are a couple that has been together for over 13 years and married close to ten. We have prayed, hoped and waited to receive the most amazing gift we could ever have, a child.  After 2 years or so from moving in together, being a bit concerned, we began to diligently pursue having a child. We never avoided it in any way, and still don’t. We are a happily married couple, faithful to each other, God and family. We are considered examples among our circles.

My wife is a teacher for about 10 years and loves children. I think she is one of the best teachers in the nation, teaching children in a community that is underprivileged and in vast need of socio-economic changes. She always knew she wanted to work with children from an early age.  She strives to impact her students in a positive way and make sure that they receive the necessary tools to progress in their education.

I (husband) am an entrepreneur with a background in Engineering and business management. I am a child magnet with an ability to inspire and build the inner core of any child and/or young person. I too love children and know that the positive impact we make on a child will shape, but more importantly guarantee a safe and happy one for our world.

After a bit over 10 years, having tried 6 inseminations, 2 invitro-fertilizations, numerous treatments, including detoxes and natural attempts, as well as 3 unfortunate and devastating miscarriages, we went to Bethany. My wife’s friend and co-worker, as well as an adoptive parent referred us.  Our situation has been deemed unexplained infertility.  It had been very difficult, especially on my wife, as she has had to suffer thru the treatments, including surgery of an enlarged cyst as a result of the hormones in the treatment, not to mention the miscarriages.

We continue to trust in the Lord and remain hopeful that we will be parents soon.

We are successful in our careers; we are both college graduates from amazing schools. My wife holds 2 masters and we own our businesses. We recently purchased a house and have become amazing planners and matured in many areas of our lives. We continue to be role models to couples around us. We are very involved in the lives of our family and friends, and of course our church.

Even if we were to become pregnant, we would pursue the adoption of a child with the same passion and endearment as when we turned to Bethany on day 1.

Having said all this, why us? We just truly and passionately love children.  All we are missing is the gift of parenting. We are ready to be the best parents in the world, understanding what it entails.  I hope that we can make you proud and joyful thru this lifetime journey.

Mayobane and Jelitsa

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State:New York
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