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Brady and Angela

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Dear Friend,

Thank you so very much. We feel that you are making a powerful and selfless decision to bring life into this world and to help a family grow. We understand this journey is not an easy one, and that choosing an adoptive family will be tough, but we hope you find reassurance that each family you consider has much care to give and love to share. We would love to share our story with you, in hopes you will share yours with us.

We have been friends for six years and married for three. Our relationship is strengthened by the unconditional encouragement and support we provide to each other in everyday life and in making big decisions. We provide grace to each other and have created an open and safe place to be.

We live near downtown in a larger city in North Carolina and love walking into town to enjoy restaurants and shops and meet with friends. We live right on a park, where Brady enjoys tennis and Angela enjoys walking. We have a single-story ranch home on a quarter acre. We have a vegetable garden and have enjoyed experimenting with it a little more each year. Our other great passion is travel. We have been to seven countries together and multiple places within the U.S. Frequently, we just travel an hour away to Brady’s family’s lake house.

Angela says Brady is intelligent, generous, open and witty. He is an amazing cook. Brady is an attorney and practices law with his dad and brother. Family is very important to Brady and he is close with his parents, brother, sister-in law, and extended family, all who live close by. He is kind and patient (and silly) with Angela’s nieces and nephew and they have a lot of fun with him. He loves being Uncle Brady. He is expressive and vibrant and a talented musician. Our house is often filled with sounds of piano and conga drums. He is up for adventure and is also a great person to unwind and relax with.

Brady says Angela is intelligent, sweet, kind, and compassionate. She is an environmental engineer with a passion for the work she does in restoring streams and wetlands. She is an artist, and many of her paintings decorate the walls of our house. She has a wonderful sense of humor that she gets from both of her parents, and a deep faith, too. Her family is very important to her. She is close with her sisters, and their families as well as her parents and extended family. They live in Virginia, but she sees them often and video chats with her nieces and nephew regularly. She loves being Aunt Luna (their nickname for her).

We have always known we would adopt. Angela was in a car accident as a teenager that left her unable to be pregnant. We do not count this as a loss, but as a path that God intended us to go down. We believe God knew a specific child was supposed to come into our life and bless us. We hope that we can be an equal blessing to them. Should you choose us to continue this journey, this is our promise to you:

Our love and acceptance is unconditional. Whatever relationship you choose to build with us, we will build it with you. We will always strive to provide an encouraging, loving, safe, and thriving environment in our home. We will love the Lord, each other, and our children, with all our hearts. Our children will always know that you are special, brave, important, loving, and amazing.

Thank you,

Brady and Angela

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