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Jon and Alisha

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To the courageous birthparents who will forever change our lives,

    We would first like to tell you how we have prayed for you. We have been praying for years now for the little boy or girl for our family but we have been praying for the special birthparents that would make that hard decision to allow another family to raise their child. 

We can not imagine the weight of your decision but what we can imagine is how much you must love them to be making this decision. We can tell you that God has given us 6 beautiful children for a reason. We know that he wanted us to have a large, happy, crazy, fun, loud, different family that we could raise that will go out into this world and forever change it for the better. 

We are committed to giving as much time and love to all of our children that is possible. We own our own business and so our hours are very flexible and so we get to go and do things that a lot of times other families don’t. We are headed to Disney for 2 weeks this month to just spend family time and enjoy the time with our kids. 

We also know that sometimes the greatest rewards in this life come from the things that stretch us out of our comfort zone. We experienced this when we had our fifth child that was born with Down syndrome. He has taught us so much and really given us a heart for kids/adults with special blessings as we like to say. If God gives us another little one no matter the challenge we know that He will guide our steps just like he has with Joel over the past 4 years. 

Our kids have so been looking forward to our next blessing from the Lord. Everyday the pray for their new brother or sister. We encourage them to remember that God will give us a new brother or sister in his timing. We always want our kids to be close because one day we won’t be here and they will be all that each other have. Having lots of brothers and sisters is lots of fun and make for tons of great memories and love. 

If you are wanting a loving, big, not perfect, energetic, happy, christian family for your little one to grow up and thrive in I hope you will prayerfully consider us. We will continue to pray for you and would love to have a open adoption if that is something you would like to do. 

Sending our love to you and thank you for making such a selfless choice for your little one. 

The LaTour’s 

Jon, Alisha, Sage, Sydney, Shayla, Jesse, Joel and Stella :)

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